My Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2020

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29 thoughts on “My Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2020

  1. I watched the first season of Dark in July and while I love the eerie atmosphere, the amount of characters got me confused that I have to consult a cheat sheet to know who’s who and which year it was 😂 It was intriguing and definitely made you concentrate because if I miss something, I get lost easily 😂

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    1. Hahahaha I totally understand, Tasya! It’s one of those shows that you have to always focus if you don’t want to miss anything, especially with the “who-is-who” thing! 😛 I feel like now is the perfect time for anyone to get into it and binge through all three seasons without risking to forget things too though. 😛


  2. Sounds like July was a great month for you with blogging anniversary and basketball! Where I live, the gyms have just reopened, but I must shamefully admit, I’ve gotten so used to working out on my own at home, so I haven’t been there yet.

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    1. It indeed was pretty cool! Oh no, there’s no shame in that. In fact, my gym closed down (bankruptcy) and I can’t get myself to pick any of the remaining gyms nearby out of fear that I’d expose myself to COVID. I don’t know when I’d get the chance to be in a gym again now hahah Working out from home is definitely the way to go for now. 😀

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  3. My key takeaway from this post: “Even if 2020 has been pretty shit lately, you can always find something positive when you want to.” I fully support that. I haven’t had a whole lot happen this month, mostly more of the same. I did, however, have an old urge resurface with a vengeance which caused me to purchase my first acoustic guitar. I haven’t played an instrument since grade school, but lately I’ve wanted to learn a new one, so guitar it is. My fingers are a bit sore, but I’m really enjoying the process, and it’s great to be learning something new. I’m looking forward to seeing what August brings you. Hopefully some great reading and opportunities to spend some fantastic time with friends!

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    1. For some reason, hearing about your journey to master guitarist puts a smile on my face. I have also had an itch to properly learn a new instrument (e.g. violin, piano, or guitar) and haven’t played anything since grade school too (we were “forced” to learn the recorder back then). I do hope you’ll continue to enjoy it though. Maybe someday you could share some of your skills with us too. 😀 Have an excellent August, Todd!


  4. Heath Ledger’s joker is my fav. That’s one of my fav movies. I had a DVD of it, but a friend borrowed it and I never got it back.
    On Dark — I’m gonna give that show another try. I watched the first 2 episodes, I think, but it was a bad decision to listen to the English dub. I’ll just read the subtitles.

    Playing basketball in a mask… Damn! I know that’s not easy. Hopefully it’s not very humid there. It’s humid af in DC. It’s a struggle to walk through the thick wall of air with a mask on.

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    1. Wow. No wonder you hate the idea of borrowing books, anything really. You’ve had the worse of friends when it comes to giving it back in the condition they were!!! 😛

      Oh man, I highly recommend listening to it in German with English subs. That’s the way to go. The show also requires so much of our attention just so you don’t miss out on some key information and get lost in the process haha Hope your 2nd attempt will prove to be better though!

      Oh man, there were days were it was extra humid and we still went to play because every other day, it was raining. Boy was that a helluva experience. 😮

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  5. Weirdly, July went by super quickly, though it was also a “slow” month on some aspects! For me the fact that it was summer definitely made me happy, despite the November-ish weather we had in Belgium 😒 I can’t wait to check out “Dark”, I’m pretty sure I will love it, but I feel like I haven’t watched anything on Netflix the whole month (good or bad thing, I don’t know)! 😊

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    1. I’m getting closer and closer to wanting winter weather just so I can say warm with plenty of layers and drink hot stuff without sweating like crazzzy hahaha

      I definitely recommend Dark but you’ll have to make sure to pay attention throughout each season. It can get confusing quite quickly. 😛

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  6. I’m so happy you started the LotR trilogy and I can’t wait to read your review of the first book aaand see you finish the other books 😍 I hope the new season of Dark will be good! I started it a long time ago and started it again yesterday with my family! I like how hard it is to understand 😂

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  7. The theme since March is Groundhog day — there is a sameness in our daily lives against a backdrop of disasters, pandemonium, and suffering. And I’m not even being negative. Those are the facts. Of course, for every individual, this is where dissimilarities may come in. There will be varying degrees of hope and gratitude. 2020 life, ya’ll.

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    1. Tell me about it. It really does feel like Groundhog Day. Always trying to make the most of it, but once you go to bed and wake up, you need to do it again or find another way to stay sane and happy. Here’s hoping this last quarter of 2020 won’t get any worse for everyone…

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