Blog Stats and Numbers : The Hard Truth

I’ve recently reached my 1000th post on Instagram today and it kind of forced me to take a step back and see what has happened to blogging and I noticed one thing: the place the statistics take in my blogging.

I miss the good old times where you don’t have to worry about your statistics and you would engage genuinely on blogs that you like. I think every blogger has experienced this where you can feel your blogging shifting to a more automatic phase, push the content for the followers, looking at your insights and that constant comparison in the statistics is getting so tiring.


I started everything from food blog to book blog have been for a creative outlet that I was seeking away from my field of study, I needed foremost something to keep track of what I’ve been doing, like an inventory of sorts (of books, of restaurants, etc). It has shifted to becoming a hobby to a second full-time job which is taking way too much time in my case as I jungle medschool and work.

As a blogger who has a few different platforms, the pressure to look at your stats in all the platforms and try to match all of them are quite intense and hard, I had to prioritize one to another.  I remember being so happy when I got my first 100 likes on a post, and now I’m panicking when I don’t get at least 300 likes on an Instagram post or at least this many comments. Something is off with that thinking obviously. As easy it is to say oh you shouldn’t care about those numbers, you still do and it’s going to take a hell of a time to be able to disconnect from it.

Why is it always a numbers game? 

Everyone seems to make it seem like your success depends on your stats but it does not. 

« How many likes did you get on your last post, how many reach, impressions and views? » Those numbers are a reference but what do you know about other bloggers to compare yourself to? And the definition of success is so different from one person to another, I have experienced it first hand where my own blogger friends would see me as a successful blogger just because I have good quality content and another would say that «But you only have 20 comments on your posts, that’s not a lot» Okay well first of all, if you think your success is based on the number of comments, good for you but that’s not my definition of success.  I also saw people participating in comment pods, commenting on other people post everyday just to get the same number of comments in return. Personally, I tried a comment pod and it wasn’t for me, the pressure to keep up with every single post makes the process not even genuine anymore, that was my experience some people loved it and it’s okay! 

(c) Steven Le photography 

Took me years to say the most cliché thing ever : you have to love your blog, or at least the content you’re putting out there. No matter the stats, post for you and for those who have been following you a long and who stayed. Yes it’s going to be hard to deal with all these numbers and stress but you have to remind yourself why you started it from the start and if the numbers matter at all. I’m still learning. 

So many people even tried to talk to me out of it, you should stop blogging because you haven’t updated your blog for a week and I’m here like :

Excuse Me Mtv Vmas 2017 GIF by 2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Find ...

I’m going to post whenever I feel like it and nobody going to tell me otherwise. Even if I have to a hiatus for a month I’ll be back blogging 😉

What do you think? Do you get bothered by the stats too ? And what do you do to cope with them? 



Onto a happier side, I’m hosting a giveaway for my 1000th post on Instagram in this post below, feel free to participate if you have an account on Insta : 

25 thoughts on “Blog Stats and Numbers : The Hard Truth

  1. I wrote a post about stats this week too. I don’t care about them AT ALL. Sometimes I notice them just because they’re there and WordPress tells me about them (or Instagram, I guess), but it’s more like “That’s interesting” than me really caring. Ultimately I blog to have fun, and if other people like reading what I like writing then great. If not, oh well, I still enjoyed the process.

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    1. That’s nice to hear hahah! I’m still learning to not care about them, it’s a process of course xD Still a hard thing to do. I definitely to remember the roots of simply writing for fun 😉

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  2. Totally get it. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel put off – I definitely need to be better at comment dropping on other blogs, though. I started my blog because I love reviewing books and I’m proud of the little thing 🤗

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  3. Yes! You have to love your own blog and your own content! When I was still on bookstagram, I was so concerned about the stats. ‘Why am I getting only 5X likes when I have almost 2000 followers?’ I felt like I wasn’t posting for myself. I was posting to get that like count and *consistency*. And then I just grew too tired of the whole thing and switched to blogging instead. And now that I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, I know that having fewer than 300 followers at this point is usually considered as *unsuccessful*. But genuinely, I’m really proud of my content and I like seeing how much I grow, using my blog as a kind of personal archive. And yes, I sometimes still get a bit upset when a post doesn’t get as much attention as I would like. But I’m just glad that I now have a healthier relationship with the blog stats and numbers. Great post! 🙂

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  4. I’m honestly not caring about stats either😊 I write for fun, and ofcourse I hope my readers enjoy a post that I’ve written. But I think if I start to worry about stats, it would take a lot of fun out of blogging and it becomes a pressure game. Sure when I write a post and nobody reads it, of it doesn’t do as well as I thought it would, I might feel a small moment of feeling sad about it. But that moment fades quickly and I just continue on with a new post. The most important thing about blogging is enjoying it, and I love interacting with the community😊 If my stats take a tumble for some reason that’s annoying, but it doesn’t bother me😊

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  5. I would be lying if I say it doesn’t bother me at all. It does sometimes because I’m giving this blog lot more time, more than I should. But then I’m happy with what I post and I love interacting with other bloggers and I’m not doing that for numbers. I love reading and blogging about it, so even though number affests, I wouldn’t stop blogging just because I don’t get enough number or if it decrease or stays static. Great post.

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  6. I get many fewer likes and followers on my blog than others because I don’t promote it much, other than on Twitter, and I am not doing this for money. I do find, however, that having a naturally obsessive and competitive nature I have a tendency to check the figures and want them greater than before and worry when they aren’t. I also, despite my best intentions, tend to associate readings of my blog with some sort of validation of my views, and by extension myself as a person. At times I have to remind myself that I do this for fun and to articulate what I feel about books. I have also turned off the comments on my blog because I haven’t the time or energy to moderate them. Each of us will find our own ways through this …

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  7. I try not to but some days I am more successful than others. But yes I think posting what I love and doing what I want is the most important!


  8. A couple months ago my monthly views went from 50 to over 400 and I was so excited. But now I’m stressing to try and get it higher every month, constantly checking to see how well a post is doing. I have to remind myself that not only will posts be hit or miss for some people, but that this content is what I want to see. So as long as I keep writing what I like, it doesn’t matter. Plus I’m still fairly new to the blogging community so I shouldn’t get worked up and stressed about stats. I have to let things move naturally.

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  9. I fully admit I do get pangs of jealousy as I look at other blogs or instagram but this isn’t my job, it is my hobby. But I know you can buy followers for Instagram and what that popularity may not be a correct reflection. I’m trying to just enjoy the blogging process without feeling the pressure.

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  10. I really enjoyed this post, Trang! I think I go through automatic phases sometimes where stats motivate my blog content and schedule, but they’re never sustainable and it usually takes hiatuses to make me recall why I enjoy blogging in the first place. It really can be cliché hahaha, but I definitely agree that posting for yourself and the people who’ve followed you for the longest is so important!

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  11. I find the stats entertaining but don’t often stress about them. I just find it interesting watching which posts show up more in searches, which get more views or comments. I do like to see counts going up over time, but I don’t worry too much about it. I’m not promoting on most social platforms so I know it’ll take me longer than it might others. The key takeaway for me from your post is when you said: I’M STILL LEARNING. We should all be doing that. And I think we should embrace it, keep learning, keep growing, and hopefully enjoy the process.

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  12. I loveee everything about this article! It’s so relatable. I sometimes stress because I haven’t posted in 3 days on my feed, and it’s constantly on my mind.
    And you’re right about being passionate, I can really tell how much you love and cherish every collab you do!
    Thank you for always being genuine with me, your talent truly shows on your pictures with my cakes 💕💕💕💕

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  13. I can’t stop obsessing over numbers on my Instagram and my blog. But I know that doesn’t stop me from loving what I do. I guess it is a matter of finding a balance, which I guess is easy for me to say since I am not doing great in terms of number of followers anyway. LOL

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  14. I don’t think I could blog if I look at numbers seeing my smol lil blog. But I am back after a year and I cannot give it up for the love of anything. It’s too precious for me and although been struggling lately, it’s something I think I will always love.

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  15. I love this post so, so, so much. It’s hard NOT to go through these phases when numbers become so important they’re all you see, when you feel like you need to do so many things all at once and keep on watching obsessively the numbers rise and fall down again. In the end, it’s so, so important to always remember that we’re here because we want to, we should post whenever we feel like it and feel happy about it ❤

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  16. I get very few visits to my blog and not many likes. Not a big problem, as this is not a business to me — more a creative outlet. Must be stressful for bigger bloggers, in terms of keeping the numbers up. The pressure to post regularly could make the blog feel like a demanding monster, constantly crying out to be fed. You must be doing something right, as you have a good number of followers. People are not that fickle, so will most likely stick with you no matter what you decide. In other words, keep up the good work — the very fact you are aware that focusing overmuch on stats can be problematic means you have the ability to keep the content authentic.


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