Doomsday Clock Part 2 by Geoff Johns

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25 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock Part 2 by Geoff Johns

  1. These posts of your’s are beginning to seriously hurt my wallet. He’s beginning to blame you for it. No worries though, I never listen to my wallet, so you shouldn’t do so either😂
    Seriously though, as you know I’m not the biggest DC fan, but these posts definitely are beginning to turn me around on the way I once thought about DC. Once again the art for this one looks incredible. Fantastic post as always!

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    1. Hahahaah as long as those purchases make you happy and entertain you ever time you visit them, no worries! 😀 How are the local comic book shops around your neighbourhood by the way? Did that one place (I think there was only one??) survive the pandemic? 😮

      Glad that I can see convince you that DC has a lot of fantastic material whenever you’re ready to tackle more of it. 😉 Thanks for reading as always, my man. Always fun to interact with you. 😀

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      1. Honestly? I have no clue. I’ve been pretty much at home the past few months and didn’t visit any comic shops. So no real clue how they are doing. Hopefully next year things will settle down again, as I definitely miss shopping for things like that (online is just not the same 😢). Always a pleasure to talk to you as well!😀

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  2. Hmm… I’m tentatively sold. If it’s going to turn out badly, I’ll know who to blame! 😂😂😂
    Fab review, Lashaan, and I’m happy to hear that the second part was so much better than the first! 😀

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  3. Great stuff Lashaan and glad to hear things picked up for you in the second volume. Again, DC already have the complete collected edition solicited so I wonder how many will have hung out for that, or just picked up the two volumes once both were available? I read it in single issues which, given some of the huge delays between the later issues, was a bit of a disjointed experience – so I decided to get the Part 1 and Part 2 hardcovers and read them together. A much better experience!

    I don’t think Doomsday Clock necessarily HAD to exist but I’m sort of glad it does – I doubt it’s going to be regarded as a modern classic or even remembered all that prominently in years to come but I enjoyed the work that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank created and it did a great job of melding the world and characters with the awesome DCU.

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    1. I collected them as single issues too but, like you, because of the delay, I sort of didn’t dare go through them until they were properly released, but by then, these collected editions came out so I figured it would be better to go through them instead of inflicting myself a choppy experience.

      I agree though. It doesn’t have that much quintessential’ness to it. It’s pretty decent for what it wanted to achieve but it’s doesn’t have as many thought-provoking concepts as the original Watchmen. It was indeed a nice way to make both worlds coexist together. Remains to be seen if future Watchmen projects won’t tarnish things though hahah

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  4. Wait WHATS MAN OF TOMORROW?!? Sounds interesting!! 😍😍😍

    Ozymandias? Like…the poem?

    Ahhh!! It’s good that they focused on building every single character in this one, Lashaan! I mean, if there’s one thing I hate is when the authors spend too much time honing and developing the man characters and completely forget about the others that populate their world – ITS SUPER ANNOYING – and feels awkward and offf!!!

    Heyyyy!! Those images reminded me of thsi super cool Joker Funko releasing by the end of this month!! ITS SOOO COLORFUL AND COOL!! 😍😍😍 Did you see it??!

    Welll…I absolutely ADORED this review, Lashaan! And I also love how you included the reading order because…when the time comes, the bells chime, and the winds howl – watching me walk down the street, entering the book store and buying these marvellous comics, your posts will definitely come in handy! 🤣😉🌟

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    1. Man of Tomorrow is another nickname for Superman. 😉 And yes, referring to that very Ozymandias. 😀 I agree. Lots of fun when everyone gets their time to shine! It’s always a shame when secondary characters we love don’t get to play a lot. 😉

      Ouuh sounds cool! I’ll look it up. I know a friend who collects them and would probably love it too. 😀

      Thanks for reading, Rain. It’s okay if you don’t pick these up but if the craving is ever there, you’ll know what to look for now. 😉

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