August’s yOUNG ADULTS : a review

Midnight Sun


The long awaited sequel to the Twilight series. Okay, let me rephrase it, it’s not really a sequel, more like a companion of the Twilight series. We follow the perspective of Edwards when he met Bella for the first time and what are his thoughts and feelings during the process. This book has such a fun beginning, but then she goes into a super long verbose style and honestly, it feels like she was trying very hard to make Edward sound mature, older but it just becomes annoying.

Star Daughter

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Shveta Thakrar has written a beautiful book embracing the wit, magical, and hindu mythology. I would admit that while it’s very entertaining and interesting to read about hindu mythogy and the astrology, I thought the plot was kind of weak. However, I would give all the stars for the magical realm :  ethereal stars with their silver blood and hair, the enchanting Night Market,etc. The author also explains that she got the inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, and I loved what she did with it.

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From

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This story is one the most compelling and informative story I’ve read besides The Hate U Give. This is about a story of immigrants, the struggling to fit in, to do better than anyone else just to have the same treatment which I can totally relate. My mom always said how we have to work 150% harder than other people just because we would always be seen as immigrant. That speaks a lot to me and this novel set the same tone. Character-driven, and featuring various topics from immigration to racism, this is a YA Contemporary you need on your list!

What about you? What recent books of August have you read lately? 🙂

– Trang Tran

5 thoughts on “August’s yOUNG ADULTS : a review

  1. I have read a super cute and extraordinary book: The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune! I would recommend it to everyone. Now your last book made me think of The Bride Test by Helen Hoang as she too gave us mote than a glimpse into immigrants life!


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