Batman: Creature of the Night by Kurt Busiek

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27 thoughts on “Batman: Creature of the Night by Kurt Busiek

  1. Well, despite the fact that I think this book has a pretty interesting premise, it seems that the story was poorly executed and resulted in a not so good graphic novel. Shame really. The art does look good though, but well that’s unfortunately not enough to hide the fact that this is apparently not a really good effort😔
    That said, slightly off topic: seen the new Batman movie trailer yet? That looks pretty good I have to say! 😃😃

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    1. It really does! And I’m sure there are some who can overlook the issues I saw in it and still enjoy it very much for its dark and twisted take on Batman. I just wish it had attempted to do something differently.

      HELL YES, MY FRIEND! You have no idea how insanely hyped up I am about it and a lot of the recently announced DC stuff!!!! It’s going to blow everyone’s mind! Mark my words!!! 😀 😀 😀

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      1. Isn’t it just? I think it is really going to be good, and that it might be the first time that DC is actually going to put up a decent fight when compared to Marvel. In fact Marvel is in trouble with so many movies and tv shows that have been put on hold. It seems like pretty much they are both on their starting point. I’m definitely excited for it too😀

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        1. Right? I’m tired of people looking down on DC movies post-Nolan. They aren’t complete garbage but they suffered immensely from trying to catch up to Marvel’s MCEU plan. Now, with The Flash movie, they clearly have a plan to fix that mess and start on the right foot and I’m all in for it! Time to get hyped up once again for Wonder Woman first though! 😀

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      1. I don’t think your darkness needs any more feeding, Lashaan – you just need to stop being ashamed of it! 😜

        Well, for the same reason of lost potential (truthfully, the additional star is for the art) I gave it 2 stars out of 10, which translates into 1/5 anyway 🤣

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  2. Mmmm so poor plot but brilliant art? Gosh you didn’t hold back anything Lashaan but such honesty is priceless! Excellent review as usual!

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  3. Oh, wow … never have I had such love for a piece of cover art (genuinely one of the best Batman covers I’ve seen) only for the story to sound so off-putting and lazy.

    Safe to say, I think I’ll give this, and the dozens of unbelievable coincidences a miss.

    Great review, Lashaan. Very well dissected 🙂

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    1. Hahahah I’m sorry to have not come out with a much more positive review for it then! 😛 But, hey! Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it much more than I did and actually find the direction of the story amusing, making that cover rewarding in the end too! 😉 Thanks for reading, Aaron! I also appreciate the kind words a lot! 😀

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              1. Yea, one set was the cheap-looking stuff that was brought out to celebrate the release of the films. The others are beaten and bruised and look like they’ll fall apart. So I suppose having a readable set is no bad thing

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  4. Darn, I was quite interested in this as Busiek is normally reliable as a writer but seems the concept not only didn’t work but is actually an insult to our beloved Dark Knight! I like the sound of the Mazzucchelli-esque art (can we get more of that on the actual regular Batman books please, DC Gods?), surely the only thing this title has going for it. Great write-up Lashaan, another one I can avoid checking out haha!

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    1. Yep, I think his take on Superman was much better conceptually than this one. Some might still enjoy this idea for Batman but man… I struggled to be impressed by all those “coincidences” forced onto us. Hahahah it would be such a huge move to go towards something more abstract and stylistic, almost old school after getting insanely talented “realistic” artists hahaha Thanks for reading, Chris! 😀

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