Joker: Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire

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35 thoughts on “Joker: Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire

    1. I have read these studies of violence being found in genes but they’re not completely true and can he modulated by the environment, so at least that gives us hope that change is still possible in many! ☺️ Thanks, Shalini hahah they can indeed be much more insightful and complex than what Archie used to be! 😂


  1. Now reading your thoughts about this it makes me think that we are very arrogant if we think we can cure all mind. After all, not killing people etc is only a norm accepted by the majority. We could have lived in a world where the jungle law was the norm and crushing your opponent by killing him was encouraged! I think the best you can do is educate and hope that the individual will see the interest in mostly conforming to the norm. Sure certain pathologies resulting from a chemical unbalance of the brain can be treated but I doubt every single one can. See what you did with your review Lashaan? Made me think at 7 am on a Saturday morning lol.

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    1. Hahahahaah you made me laugh with this one, Sophie! 😛 What can I say, these are questions we have to ask ourselves especially when we’re a key actor in that field! And yes, it is far often than not a question of “greater good” and “common interest” that lead us to stop crimes from happening and judging those who do commit them! There will always be a debate between capital punishment (e.g. death) and rehabilitation on this subject though and it’s up to us as an individual and as society to decide how we want to view criminals, no matter the origin of their problems. 😀


  2. Sets off Joke laugh: HAHAHAHAHAHA: Curing the Joker’s mind. Wow…that’s even more insane then the Joker himself😂 I have to admit though, this really does sound like a very interesting storyline and one that gives you a lot of food for thought. I love the cover of this graphic novel by the way, and the art looks absolutely phenomenal. I’m about to get into some DC comics myself next week (finally😂). As always I really enjoyed reading your review, and you can be sure I’m adding this one to my to read list😊

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    1. One can only hope that something can be done about him, right? 😀 Although, for the time being, most people who did (e.g. Harley Quinn), didn’t exactly succeed hahah

      It’s a pretty interesting cover, huh? The interior cover refers to the children’s tale within the story that I mention in my review too.

      Hell yes! I’m glad to hear that you’re finally diving into something DC-related soon! Looking forward to finding out what it is and I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy it!

      Thanks for reading, my friend! I appreciate it a lot! 😀

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      1. Lol….yeah, one would think someone at some point would succeed…but…well…don’t see that happening anytime soon. If ever lol😂
        Yeah that cover really is awesome! It’s definitely a book that’s going to be on my list to read that’s for sure😊
        As for the DC stuff, yep I have something planned, and it’s actually something which you have read before as well. I’m curious how I’m going to experience that one for myself, so we’ll see😊

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  3. I thought for sure this was going to be another Harley Quinn reimagined origin story. Stories like this really make me think that in Kingdom Come that Magog made the right choice to kill the Joker.

    That cover is WEIRD!!!!

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  4. I’m not a fan of the cover art but I really like the interior work. It has an almost softer look to it, and maybe a little less busy than some. This sounds like the sort of storyline that might be retold each generation, giving newer readers a chance to explore the topics without having to explore back issues.

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    1. Brilliantly said! It is softer, and at times, much, much, rougher! It’s also much more spacier throughout each page, giving you time to indulge the story and tone.

      I totally agree. I think newer readers can enjoy this a lot more than those who read comic books religiously. 😉

      Thanks for reading, Todd! Always happy to hear your thoughts on my posts! 😀


  5. All right, so… unoriginal but pretty 😉 I’m actually tempted, having been forewarned that it’s derivative – I’m a sucker for pretty comics and this one looks promising indeed 😀
    Great review, Lashaan! 🙂

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    1. Exactly. It’s what often makes me pick up some stories even if I know there’s a good chance that it won’t blow my mind away hahaha 😀 Glad to hear that you’re still interested in this one though! Hope you have a good time with when you get the chance, Ola! Thanks for reading! 😀

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  6. Damn, another one I was looking forward to (because: 1) Joker…and 2) JOKER!) but luckily it doesn’t sound like a disaster and lacking some originality in the concept. I’m a big fan of Sorrentino’s work (although I still have to get on with Gideon Falls) so I’ll likely wait for a digital sale on this one.

    By the way, are all of these Black Label titles oversized, i.e. larger than the regular comic book trim size? If so, it’s strange and a little disappointing that Three Jokers is just the regular trim size – at least the individual issues anyway. With Jason Fabok on the art it really cries out for the larger page sizing.

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    1. Hahah I totally understand. It’s not a bad one in the end though, it’s really just the fact that it doesn’t break new grounds nor did they do enough within three issues (especially when it feels like a lighter read).

      Most of the Black Label stuff is oversized but not all. Like White Knight, for example. I am curious though how they decide what size they want. Like Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One had an obnoxious size, very square’ish, and it almost seemed like it was a representation of his ego or something hahaha Maybe Fabok wanted a traditional format, especially with the grid structure of his artwork? 😮

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      1. I was thinking that with Three Jokers it may have been the case that it was originally going to be a regular DCU mini-series and was bumped over to Black Label after work had already begun, so that would explain the regular trim size. Shame as I was looking forward to oversized Fabok visuals!

        Also my print copy of Three Jokers #1 still hasn’t arrived, itching to read it!

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  7. Oh snap, I didn’t even realize Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino teamed up to write a joker story. That must be a great team. I just finished reading their work in Gideon Falls. I’m definitely a fan now!

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