My Monthly Anticipation | September 2020

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57 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | September 2020

  1. Wait, what there’s going to be a prequel to One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest? I must have been living under a rock or something, since I totally missed that! That’s something I’m really looking forward to, because like you it’s also one of my favorite films. I had already seen the trailer for the Ridley Scott series, and it looks great. Definitely have that one on my list!
    Cool to see you tackling Ultraman. Like you, I know very little of this character, so it will be interesting to see what that new comic series wil be like. So many cool things to look forward to, seems like you are heading into a very cool month on your blog!
    I really hope September will bring good things, it’s still sometimes very surreal the times we are living in😔 But yeah we are keeping our optimism here, like our old buddy Han Solo says!😊 Hope you will have an awesome month, and really looking forward to all the new posts you will bring to us!😀😀

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    1. Crazy, right? I didn’t even know it was being developed too (which usually is the case with Netflix stuff though hahah). I’m very curious to see what they plan on expanding on it. Clearly, it has a touch of horror which should be pretty cool! I hope the Ridley Scott series is good but since it’s a series and has multiple producers on it, I’m keeping my expectations controlled hahah
      I’ll probably wait till Ultraman is collected in a trade or something though. Or look up some of the older stuff if they exist because I barely know the guy besides what pop culture had to teach me over the years hahaha I just always imagined it as the origin of Power Rangers or something! 😛
      I hope you have a fantastic month of September too, Michel. I especially hope you’ll see your health improve and have enough time to do everything you want to do too! 😀 Thanks as always for your awesome comments, my friend. 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much, I defintely hope so too😊 But yeah, I want to be here as much as possible over the coming weeks, as I’m really enjoying myself again 😊And there are so many cool things coming up in September to keep us occupied, which is a plus too!😊😊😊

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    1. I haven’t actually! I was hoping to get to that one before anything else but this ARC was too tempting hahah

      Ohhh, I totally understand and I feel like I too will be very fond of new beginnings in September for the rest of my life!

      Stay safe, Carol, and have a fantastic month of September! 😀


  2. There’s not much to look forward too, except I really need to really focus on writing my thesis since the deadline is coming real soon! I’m excited for the release of The Tomb of Nero though, I’m looking forward to see how it will all ends but also sad that it’s ending and it seems to be Rick’s latest book in a while.

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  3. Man, another book by Tchaikovsky? That man is almost at Sanderson levels of releasing books. Every time I turn around he’s released another short story, a novella, a novel. I wish he’d start a new big series so I could have time to get caught up on everything else of his first 😀

    So Marvel is taking a shot at anime/manga, eh? Ultraman has been around for a long time, that is for sure so I’m sure not even they can destroy the franchise.

    Good luck with all those movies/tv shows on your list. That sounds like a real time investment 😀

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    1. Hahahahah his name is out there a lot more nowadays indeed. Did you feel like you could do sci-fi just as well as fantasy or did he seem to have a better talent for one over the other? 😮

      I doubt Ultraman will be a manga under Marvel but it does look and sound promising hahah I’ll probably test it out if it’s good enough to ever get collected in a trade in the future hahaha

      Ahh but I never said I’d dive into all these series as soon as they release! 😉 They just get added to my watchlist until the day I decide to invest time into them hahaha 😀

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      1. I have not read any of his SF offerings to be honest. I know he’s trying to write more to break out of being stereotyped as “the author of the Shadows of the Apt” but that is the stuff I really like 😀 I did like his Children of Time and have children of ruin on tap and that is sf and was quite enjoyable.

        Ultraman always struck me as the precursor to the likes of the Power Rangers so the franchise never appealed to me. When you get into it it will be interesting to see if my assumptions were correct or not.

        And that is a smart move on the movies/tv series.

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  4. Oooh, a lot of stuff here. I’ve come across The Book of Koli and the new Tchaikovsky but wasn’t too sure about them. Looking forward to reading about your thoughts on the latter one!

    Also, lol, no wonder I wasn’t so engaged by the 2nd Kingsman movie. It felt like watered down soup compared to the first one. I kept watching a bit and checking out other stuff and then continuing where I left off, only to get bored again. Didn’t know that there’s a 3rd one coming. Just looked it up, isn’t it in 2021 though? And it’s gonna be a prequel, so how on earth is Taron Egerton gonna appear in it, I wonder…

    It’s good to see that you feel re-energized, I think a healthy-positive outlook like yours is what we all need to walk this new normal. REALLY hoping it will eventually be over. haha, don’t we all? 😄

    I think when it comes to books I don’t look forward to release day cuz it’s not like I could buy it then anyway(not with my current financial situation), but movies is a different thing as it’s cheaper here in China. So, I’m looking forward to Tenet. And if we’re talking about any time in the future, I’d say the next installment in the Jurassic franchise(even though the last one was pretty awful). Give me a hulking monster, like a T-rex, terrorizing humans and I’ll be happy 😁 Not sure what that tells about my character so let’s not look too closely into that 😅

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    1. Yep… That 2nd Kingsman movie was an atrocious and unwelcomed surprise. I couldn’t believe what they decided to do with the franchise. It felt like a mediocre adult version of Spy Kids… As for the prequel, yep… It was unfortunately pushed recently for a 2021 release instead. It won’t have Taron Egerton in it, of course. But with Ralph Fiennes, I’m okay with that. 🙂

      Hahaha it would be nice that all that would be just a thing of the past but I fear we won’t be moving on from it for a while now. Even post-vaccine, I fear the pandemic will still linger in our thoughts for a few years and that this is actually going to be the new normal.

      I too am looking forward to checking out Tenet but I’m not too hyped up by the idea of a masked-viewing in theaters and will probably wait for it to release digitally. Sooo funny that you mention the Jurassic franchise. I saw Fallen Kingdom yesterday, and despite hating the story and the characters, I had a blast watching those CGI dinos come to life. I do hope the next movie (Jurassic World: Dominion) will do something epic and not cheesy though!


  5. Robert Pattinson has a new movie??? And I also want to see Enola Holmes, it looks so different! I agree, September still has that “new beginnings” feeling for me too. Hope you have a fantastic month, Lashaan😁

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    1. Actually, he’s been doing a lot of movies since Twilight, most are indie though. Even before Tenet, he shows up in The Lighthouse or even Good Time. He’s got a hidden talent that will surely put him back on everyone’s radar soon. 😀 Thanks, Tammy! Hope you have an excellent month of September as well, filled with ARCs and awesome books to read! 😀


  6. Glad to see you will be reading Fredrik Backman. I’ve only read A Man Called Ove, but that was such a great story and Ove might be one of my favourite characters ever. Man’s Search for Meaning has been on my (non-existing) TBR forever – perhaps your review will finally get me to read it? Anyway, looks like a great selection of books and movies. 😀 I am not studying, but every year in September it’s like someone pushed a button and work goes from moderate summer pace into stressful craziness. Hope September will be a great month for you!

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    1. I look forward to discovering Backman’s writing. Hopefully, it’ll make me crave for A Man Called Ove and Beartown afterward! 😀 Ahhh, it what I’ve heard of Man’s Search for Meaning is true, I think you’ll end up wanting to try it out as well. 😛 I can’t wait to crack open that one this month. Ohhh, I definitely know of the craziness in the workplace when September arrives. Every deadline feels closer, the pressure to prepare for the upcoming trimesters is also intense! I hope things will smooth out evenly throughout the month and that you’ll be checking out some good books too in September! Happy reading. 😀

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  7. One by One was my first Ruth Ware book, so I can’t compare it to what she’s written in the past, but I enjoyed it. I was surprised when the murder mystery ended with so much left in the book, but that’s when it shifted into thriller mode. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve been looking forward to trying Wexler for a long while now, still haven’t gotten to him. But I did try Tchaikovsky this year and really enjoyed what I’ve read. Hoping the rest is as good. Frankl is another I’ve been curious to read just to learn what he’s all about. And looking forward to getting back into the Koli storyline. Lots to look forward to, which is always a good thing.

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    1. That sounds like Ruth Ware hahah The last book ended with such a huge twist that many didn’t find convincing but I was so compelled by the tale that I let myself accept it and ended up enjoying it. Glad you had a good time with One by One though. I don’t know if you now plan to revisit her past books now, but if you do, I hope you enjoy them too! 😀

      I think the only thing that stopped me from trying Wexler’s fantasy series was that it was a longer-than-3-books series and I wasn’t ready to tackle him before other fantasy/scifi series I had planned to pick up hahah This new one should be a nice place for me to start my journey to discover his writing.

      Did you start Tchaikovsky’s super long fantasy series? 😮 I really wanted to dive into that one first but I guess it’ll have to wait for now hahah

      Same for me and Koli. Hopefully, the new direction it takes will be just as engaging if not more!

      Have an excellent month of September, Todd! Looking forward to more your ingenious photography! 😀


      1. I’d certainly be up for reading more Ruth Ware. I hear you about Wexler, those long series are often what keep me away initially, too. I really want to try them, but also have other things I’d like to check off first. With Tchaikovsky, I started off small, reading his novella Made Things (I absolutely loved it, highly recommended) and some short stories. Those now have me wanting to try his novel-length work, though I still shy away from long running series. But one day I’m sure I’ll start on those, too. I’m thinking Children of Time or Spiderlight might be my next forays into his works.

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  8. Each year, I tell myself I’m going to read all of Backman’s books. After 4 years of this, I’ve read two. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me…but, if this new one is half as good as either of them, you’re in for a real treat.

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  9. Oh dear, sorry to break this to you Lashaan but the King’s Man has been delayed until 2021! TBH I wish every cinema release would be delayed, Tenet is out over here in the U.K. but I’m not taking the risk (besides I hear although the visuals are great it’s extremely convoluted and not Nolan’s best).

    Man, can’t wait for the Boys – I actually like the fact that Amazon is only releasing the first four episodes and then new episodes weekly as I can savour it for longer and it takes me right up to the launch of season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. Enola Holmes looks fun, as a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I’ll have to check it out…very interested to see Henry Cavill as Holmes, quite unexpected casting.

    Comics-wise, I look forward to your eventual thoughts on the Hellblazer Black Label series and I hadn’t heard of Department of Truth which sounds rather interesting!

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    1. Yep… I heard about the delay right after I posted this hahah I too haven’t checked out Tenet yet even if I’m dying too as a huge Nolan fan but, like you, I’m not that motivated to check it out in theaters, especially if I’m too wear a mask during the movie too… Hopefully, the digital release will be soon if not already…

      Hahahaha I think the weekly release is also nice. It’s sort of tough to have friends binge through these shows in a day and then having me try and avoid their conversations on it and whatnot. People need to relearn how to savour their entertainment! 😀 I too didn’t see that coming, Cavill turning into Holmes, but hey, it could totally work. And anyways, the movie isn’t focused on him hahah

      Same here, I look forward to both of those series, especially once more issues of them are released and then collected. 😀 Have an excellent month of September, Chris.

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      1. From what I hear Tenet is nothing to get too excited about, I’ve lowered my expectations quite a bit, I’m sure I’ll probably enjoy it but happy to wait for the 4k release now.

        I’ve watched the first episode of the Boys S2…awesome, annoyingly there’s a raft of 1-star reviews on Amazon with users complaining that they can’t binge the whole season!

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  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I just discovered a whole bunch of books and tv/movies I’d never even heard of. I like the idea of Ratched! and that new HBOMax show?! I need to check that out.

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    1. I’m glad to share it with everyone! I always feel like a lot of people don’t realize all the amazing things coming out each month, including myself! This post helps me a lot in refreshing my memory of all the good stuff hahahah Thanks for dropping by, Molly. 🙂


  11. I watched the first two episodes of Raised by Wolves and I’m intrigued so far. I haven’t had a space opera kind of show for a while, so it’s definitely scratching that itch (even if most of it takes place on one planet (so far). Hope you enjoy Ashes of the Sun!

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  12. Same. I’m hoping for some positive change this month, although I’ve started it hating on HBO because I REALLY want to watch Lovecraft Country. Anyway, there’s the Boys to look forward to.

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    1. Hahah I wish HBO Max was a Canadian thing too. The whole Crave + HBO bundle is just mad expensive… To be seen what I’ll have to do for my dose of HBO goodies. 😀

      The Boys S2 is quite fun so far! Can’t wait to see what the upcoming episodes have in store for us. 😀


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