Batman: Detective Comics: Greetings From Gotham by Peter J. Tomasi

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27 thoughts on “Batman: Detective Comics: Greetings From Gotham by Peter J. Tomasi

  1. Ugh….well, this is one to avoid I guess. Sorry this one wasn’t so stellar. It’s honestly quite amazing how you can make a story about one of the most interesting villains such as the Joker, a bland one. I guess that also takes talent lol😂 As you say though, the art does look very cool, so I guess that’s something. Oh well…at least I don’t have to add something to my reading list for a change, and I guess that’s nice😂

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  2. I haven’t been a fan of Tomasi’s Detective run, it just really hasn’t clicked with me at all for the most part although I will say that I thought the Mr. Freeze arc which you’ll be reading next I did think was actually very good! I thought the series was going to continue to be good but alas it takes a dip again after that…I’ve liked the Joker War tie-ins and look forward to Detective Comics #1,027 which is going to be an anthology featuring different creators (much like #1,000). I hold out hope for the title but honestly, it needs someone new at the helm methinks.

    Awesome review Lashaan, I look forward to your thoughts on the next arc and how you find the Mr. Freeze story!

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    1. You’re giving me hope, Chris. That’s dangerous! 😛 I do hope that it’ll be an all-around sound story with some potential. But after all the mediocre volumes we’ve got so far, I’d be surprised if Peter J. Tomasi could do any worse…

      I haven’t heard anything about #1,027 but it sounds promising, like how #1,000 was. So far, the Detective Comics series feels subpar to the Batman series, almost like it was intentional or something… I hope they all get better ideas for the future though…

      Thanks for reading, Chris! I appreciate it. 😀 Hey man, where are your own reviews at?! It’s been months since I’ve seen anything up on your blog! I hope you’re doing well and life hasn’t been too harsh on you lately.

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      1. Well don’t get too hopeful mate, the Mr. Freeze story (at least for me) was a blip as it goes back to being mediocre after that other than the two recent Joker War tie-ins!

        Ah man, I know, I’ve well and truly fallen off the horse – I’ve started working from home these past couple of months and just lost focus. Hopefully get back to it soon!

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      1. I was wondering about inflation. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!
        Holy smokes, that is just price gouging. Goes to show the target audience aren’t kids anymore but the adults who the kids from the 80’s and 90’s turned into 😦

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      1. Hahahahah! My memory of a price jump was from $1 to 1.25. Suddenly I had to decide if a comic was really worth it. I could buy a big bag of gummy worms at the 5 and Dime store next store.
        Sigh. Icky, we’re getting old 😦

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    1. Hahahahaaha it’s been like this for the past five years at least! 😛 It’s basically my “normal” pricing for comic books since I never bought them as a kid. In fact, the only thing I did get as a kid was a subscription to Shonen Jump which seemed very worthwhile considering how big those volumes were and all those classic manga series being included in there back in the day.

      Like Wakizashi mentions, some issues even go up to 4.99 or 5.99 depending on many pages they are and if they’re one-shot stories…

      It’s why I only pick up the Detective Comics and Batman comic book series as individual issues hahaha

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  3. There’s little worse than a set of stories that read like filler, especially if it’s a series you have a lot of time invested in. You can come out feeling what did I just waste my time and money on? Well, here’s hoping you get more enjoyment out of the next set of issues.

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  4. Why oh why did they give the Detective Comics to Tomasi?! I’m sad now 😦 though I shouldn’t really, be, it’s just another confirmation of my opinion of DC these days 😛
    Great review, Lashaan! Though I find it hard to believe you’re going to continue after this dud… 😉

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      1. What can I say? Deep at heart I’m still Marvel girl 😄

        I really admired Detective Comics – some of best Batman stories are there, and the characterization is usually much better there than in other Batman series. Plus I like the noir feel of this.

        Well, I know I can count on you to alert me to all good DC stories, Lashaan! 😀

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