Batman: Curse of the White Knight by Sean Murphy

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18 thoughts on “Batman: Curse of the White Knight by Sean Murphy

  1. I really enjoyed the original White Knight. It was interesting seeing Batman having to fight against a Joker capable of making entirely cogent points, thereby allowing the writers to explore those characters in vastly different ways. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for the sequel.

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  2. Man oh man, does this look (and sound good). I really am getting more and more drawn into the DC universe because of your posts (seriously what are you doing to me lol😂😂)
    I especially like what your are saying about the narrative flow in this one, and of course shocking reveals sounds even better. So you know what this means right? I’m adding another one to my to read list. I really have to order these in one go…..maybe I can get a discount? 😂 Seriously though…great review! 😃

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    1. I super duper highly recommend the first volume and this sequel, especially if the first one was a convincing winner for you too! 😉 I’m glad to hear such positive words regarding the DC universe. You just have to pick wisely. 😉 And I’ll gladly do the heavy lifting and sift through all the mediocre ones in the process for you too hahahah 😀 Thanks for reading, Michel!

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  3. A really glowing review, Lashaan! …so, why not 5 stars? 😉
    Truthfully, I was not overly taken with White Knight; but you’re very convincing in complimenting this comic, and now I’m tempted to check it out… Great review!

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    1. It’s not as thought-provoking as the first one for me. It also suffers a bit with a backstory that isn’t as tightly-knit as it could’ve been. Otherwise, it can also be summarized as me not being able to give it the same rating as White Knight too hahah

      I’m glad that this review made you a bit more interested in checking out the sequel. Hopefully it entertains you a little! 😉 Thanks for reading, Ola! 😀

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  4. Awesome to see he continues to create fantastic work. Not being too much into DC superheros and Batman, I think I’d be far more likely to try something like this, that goes it’s own way, non-canon. And I had to laugh at the name, Murphyverse, it works so well. 🙂 Really nice review, Lashaan!

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  5. Excellent review again, Lashaan! I also enjoyed this story. It didn’t quite blow me away as much as the first White Knight series did. Still really, really good, though. I liked the way Murphy has the Batman “family” working together as a team against the threat of Azrael. How cool does Azrael look fully suited-up? Murphy’s art is stunning, again. Do you reckon he has a thing for drawing vehicles, especially Batmobiles?!?.. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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    1. Thanks, man! I saw your thoughts on it on Goodreads. I’m glad that we agree that it’s a pretty solid story though. Lots of fun to be had with it.

      Yep. The idea of family being tackled throughout this story was nice. Especially when they each have a different stance on how they want to get rid of these villains, especially following those tragedies we learn about in this story.

      Definitely awesome! It’s a nice take on the Knightfall saga if you ask me. While Azrael could’ve been focused on more, he was definitely done right here.

      Hahahah I think he likes the variety of designs that he can draw for Batman’s vehicular repertoire! The possibilities are endless and so many existing designs to inspire himself from too! 😛

      I’m really curious for the Batman Beyond take though, considering that he wants to give it a Blade Runner vibe to it. 😮

      Thanks for reading, though. I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

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  6. AHHH!! A new rival?!? Azrael sounds SO MUCH COOLER than Joker (talking just about the name here! 🤣)

    You know, I am always in awe of how uniform and consistent your reviews are – I, for one, could NEVER manage that! AND THAT’S ANOTHER REASON WHY I LOVE READING YOUR REVIEWS!! 😍😍😍😍

    But…you know….although you say that the darker art compliments the story and all, and I agree, that cover – it’s……why is it looking so…..🤔

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    1. With the name of the Archangel of Death, I don’t think Joker could’ve ever won that battle in names too hahahah

      Hahaha I try and keep it around 4 paragraphs with a similar structure just to make it easier for readers and myself to follow and not get too bored along the way. Sometimes I can’t help going overboard because of the number of things I want to say though. 😉


  7. Well, I hate to say this once again, but I still haven’t read the first White Knight series – although I do have the digital edition! Right, I’m going to download that to my ipad today and get it read soon!

    Great review Lashaan, I take it the four star score is due to the one-shot preventing the sequel from being the complete masterpiece you found the first volume to be? I’m intrigued and will be interested to see this new take on Azrael, a character I’ve always had a fondness for due to the Knightfall saga.

    P.S. Did you hear Batman/Catwoman finally has a release date set for December? Think I’ll definitely be reading that as the issues come out, fingers crossed Tom King delivers on this and Rorschach. Also, I see Bendis’s Superman run concludes in December as well.

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    1. You have to fix this as soon as possible hahahah White Knight is on my list of favourites ever since I first read it and I’m sure it will appeal to you one way or another!

      Absolutely. it’s not a bad one-shot, but it does take off a quarter of a star off or something, if I were to be precise. The rest (three quarters) was mostly due to small niggles here and there throughout the story which simply makes it not AS good as White Knight but still fantastic for what it is. In fact, it does feel like a brand-new take on the Knightfall saga. Much more condensed, much wilder! 😀

      I haven’t heard about the Bat/Cat release date but that’s good to know! Hopefully it doesn’t get pushed. I did hear about Bendis and sort of were already convinced by the rumours being tossed around before too on what was going on with him and his runs. Not too surprised considering how sales were going too. I also heard through part 2 of DC FanDome that the Earth One line-up was going to be maybe more regular in terms of schedule! And that DC has some exciting big changes coming soon. 😮 I wonder what they plan on doing soon.

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