codename villanelle by luke jennings : book review

Killing Eve has been on my top favourite tv shows this year and I just realized that I have the ARC of the original book that inspired the show and I never got to review it before.

The show is pretty similar to the book in the sense of they took the main concept and main plot to drive the first season. What I liked about the book is we get to know more about Villanelle where the tv show focuses more on Eve. We get to hear the inner thoughts of the murderess and I think it was very compelling.

For those of you who are new here to Codename Villanelle or Killing Eve, the story introduces us to a Russian spy, the best of her kinds. She’s been trained with the highest organizations, military and counter-intelligence. On the other hand, we have Eve, a MI5 agent who’s smart, perseverant and determined to catch Villanelle.

Codename Villanelle - Wikipedia

The prose wasn’t particularly mesmerizing but I did enjoy the ride, it’s a lighthearted spy novel. A lot of actions, it was quite eventful however, I did prefer the chemistry between Eve and Villanelle on screen rather than in these pages. Even more, I felt like this book could read as a novella, there are so many things the author could develop on.

– Trang Tran

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