23 thoughts on “The Black Song by Anthony Ryan

  1. Gotta love a good revenge story. I definitely love those, that’s for sure😊 The cover for this book is solid, the story sounds very solid, and the characters as well. And with action added into this mix as well, I have to say that once again you have made me very curious for a novel!😀😀 Wonderful review Lashaan!😀😀

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  2. To answer your question about letting it slip or not…I think to me,personally, it would depend if said devil would harm others still or not. If someone is well on his path to do more evil to others then no, I don’t think I could let it slip. I have always had a tendency to protect the weaks soo.
    Look at what you did here Lashaan! Make me think hard early in the morning LOL.
    Now excellent review and …I also very much love the cover!

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  3. I feel like I keep seeing books by Anthony Ryan popping up, but I’ve yet to read any of his work. With a review like this, though, I may have to try setting aside some time for it. You mention this series being a sequel to another series. Where would be a good place for a newcomer to start reading?

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    1. I have been curious of his work for a very long time too, especially that dragon-centric series but I never got around to them. When I got the chance to read and review the ARC to this new duology, I couldn’t pass though. If anything, I think that, if you have the choice, it would be better to start with the original trilogy to get a feel for the main character. Then again, I’ve heard people dislike the 2nd or 3rd book of that trilogy too, making this duology almost superior!

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  4. I don’t think I will ever get tired of a good old revenge story. I love reading about characters existing in some kind of grey area, which revenge necessarily is, really. Like you say, can you destroy the thing that you hate without accidentally becoming it yourself?

    Amazing review ❤

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  5. Speaking of gorgeous covers! I need to check this duology out. I like Ryan’s style a lot but so far all I’ve read is one novella that needed more. Do you have to read his other series to start with Wolf’s Call?

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    1. If you have the choice, I think it’s better to start with his Raven’s Shadow trilogy, since that’s where the main character is first introduced and a lot of his development is probably most achieved! Thanks for reading, Sarah! It’s great to see you back and actively blogging! 😀


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