Digital Mini Reviews | Sometimes You Need a Light Read In-Between Dark Stories

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39 thoughts on “Digital Mini Reviews | Sometimes You Need a Light Read In-Between Dark Stories

  1. Well, it sometimes really is interesting to check out some different genres. I recently watched a sports anime as you know, and I quite liked it despite never having tried it and it not usually being my cup of tea. It’s sometimes surprising what you can find when you read/watch something out of your usual comfortzone so to speak. Out of these I have to say I like the look of Kodi! As for the others, I have to say that they don’t really get me interested, but then again I always say that I never say never, so who knows. 😊

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    1. Right? I also like the fact that they’re quick to go through, that they usually have a heartwarming message to accompany it, and it instantly lifts your spirits! Kodi was really beautiful and fun. I could see myself purchasing a physical copy of that one too. The artwork and the heartwarming story were too good! Thanks for reading, Michel! 😀

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  2. I love Sarah’s Scribbles 🙂 I follow her on Facebook, and I find most of her cartoons hilariously funny… but for some I’m definitely not in a target group.

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  3. I’ve heard of several of these, but haven’t read them and probably won’t either. The one that probably had the best chance was the Adult/Myth one. But I’m a couple of years too late to really appreciate it fully.

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  4. All of these are new to me, so thanks for the introduction. I completely support sometimes venturing into less familiar territory, there’s some great stuff out there. Visually I was immediately drawn to the cover of Kodi. I love watercolor done well.

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  5. I don’t hate these covers. The first one (Sheets) actually got me curious. But if there’s not much there, then eh…
    It seems like something totally different from what you would normally read, but you are so right – sometimes you just need a fresh, light breeze to blow through the dense darkness.

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  6. I am so wish you, I love to explore outside of my regular genre from time to time. Also like you said – sometimes you just need something light! Especially right now. I feel like it’s a sort of reading reset moment.

    The cat cafe one sounds adorable!

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  7. I’ve read Adulthood is a Myth and can relate to a TON of this. But, Sarah Andersen is a woman with a background a lot like mine. It’s nice to see my own life experience reflected in comics — that’s not something I run into often.

    Cat’s Cafe and Kodi are both on my TBR. Why? because you introduced me to Hoopla’s comic collection! I flagged them earlier this month as potential reads. After these mini-reviews, I’ll be checking out Happily Ever After. I love seeing how others reflect on married life. It’s a blessing but a challenge. XD

    I’m totally with you on finding something light between darker stories. I’ve actually been leaning just towards nothing BUT lighter stories lately. What drew you to these particular comics? They feel so different than what you would normally read!

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    1. It’s always wonderful when you run into an author who can offer something that relatable; it’s usually also tough to reach ALL audiences and that’s always a sacrifice to be made.

      YAY! I’m really happy to hear about your foray into Hoopla. It’s really a wonderful app and I’m sure it’ll allow you to explore so many wonderful reads like Cat’s Cafe, Kodi, and Happily Ever After! 😉

      Usually, they catch my attention with their cover, their title, or their mere popularity in the blogosphere or goodreads. Since I was looking for something quick, light, entertaining, and heartwarming, many of these fit the bill perfectly hahah! 😀

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