No One Left to Fight by Aubrey Sitterson

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20 thoughts on “No One Left to Fight by Aubrey Sitterson

  1. Hmm…I really like the concept of this. I mean, the question you ask in the beginning: what if there is no one evil left to fight for heroes, can definitely be pretty interesting. But it seems the execution for this isn’t fully realised overall. Shame, as the art really does look great, and from reading your post, it doesn’t seem like a total loss, which is good😊 I’m not too familiar with Dragonball (hey can’t keep up with every franchise lol) so can’t say much about that, but that said, you’ve made me curious enough for this one despite some of the flaws. Well done!😀

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    1. You knocked the wind out of me there! Dragon Ball was not part of your younger days, Michel?!?!!?! Oh man!!! 😛 Something needs to be done about it!!! 🙂 But yes. This isn’t completely horrible but I think it would succeed much more with a younger audience (maybe young adult). Its flaws can really kill the fun if you look too much into it, but the artwork makes it fun nonetheless. Thanks for reading, my friend! 🙂

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  2. Probably not something I’d try, though the general premise is interesting and has some potential. I never did get into Dragonball, just couldn’t watch it, so I doubt if I’d catch any of the similarities. One of those pages is pretty funny, though, a My Little Pony shirt on what at first appears to be big bad creature. Talk about another series I was never into. 🙂

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    1. Not getting into Dragon Ball?! How is that possible? :O Just kidding. I can’t tell if not being able to recognize the parallels with Dragon Ball would work for this story or if it would just make it seem ridiculous too… Hmm… As for My Little Pony… I sure hope you never got into that one! 😀 Thanks for reading, Todd!

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  3. Oh please. That’s why God invented DragonBall Z, and All New Dragonball and Dragonball KaiZ and Dragonball XYZ and ALL New Dragonball XYZ and….

    Ok, you get the point 😀 The whole point of DB/Z is that there is NEVER no one to fight (and I’m sorry for that really bad syntax there). Without the fight, the universe collapses. So for these writers to imagine such a thing is self-defeating in my eyes. Or, even worse, they find someone to fight because they (the authors) aren’t actually talented enough to create a true story out of their idea. Either way, the story is dead on arrival in my head.

    But looking at that art, whooowheee, where’s Chichi and Bulma and Android18?!?!?

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    1. That reminds me of what Marvel has been doing with a lot of their comic book series (see X-Men, All-New X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Superior X-Men, Something X-Men)! 😛

      Hahahaha the title is definitely self-defeating the moment that a new adversary was introduced. While there are other “hooks” in the story (e.g. why the main character has those migraines here and there), it makes you wonder why the title/premise would be something about having no one to fight… At least for the time being, it doesn’t seem like a sequel is in the work…

      Maybe in volume 2 we’ll get parallel characters for those guys! 😉 Although Chichi and Bulma could just fused into the Krysta character here. 😉

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      1. I have noticed, when I pay attention, that a lot of the group series of heroes seem to be different versions of how amazing they are 😉

        My response here is pretty much why I don’t delve deeply into the graphic side of novels any more. While comics have changed, I’ve changed even more and simply am not a target for them.

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