30 thoughts on “The Trials of Koli by M.R. Carey

  1. Ooh…this sounds good! As you know I love all things post apocalyptic, so this is one of those books that seems to have been written for you. But not only that I just like the entire premise. Terrifying vegetation? That’s something different! 😀 I’m glad to hear that the writer took some risks and they payed off! Glad you enjoyed yet another book! Terrific post as always!

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  2. Your imagination exercise from the beginning sounds suspiciously like the world we live in today – maybe without the creepy lethal plants at every corner 😂
    The first book is on my shelf already! 😁

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  3. Great review but nothing about it really seems to grab my attention. Sometimes I feel like post-apocalyptic is more fantasy than SF and my fantasy reading has definitely decreased over the last year or two. That and there are just SO MANY books coming out all the time. I feel almost buried under and avalanche of “read me, no, read me! no, read me!!”

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    1. Though it did grab my attention, I completely agree with you about the avalanche of “read me, no, read me! no, read me!!” Just can’t keep up, but I do enjoy trying.

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      1. I used to follow a blogger who was about 10 years my senior. As such, his SFF foundation was a bit older than mine. What I’m currently going through, he went through. At some point, it all starts to feel the same. I’m kind of dreading that possible trajectory but honestly, my reading IS changing, so maybe I just need to accept it.

        This is a very apropos comment, as I’ve got a post coming up later today about bloggers changing :-/

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  4. So glad you enjoyed this one! Not that I had any doubts about it… 😉
    It’s so true that the uneasy relationships between the travelers are the best part of a story that is already so very intriguing because of its quest & discovery nature. And now the wait for the conclusion goes on…

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  5. I really enjoyed this review. It’s great to hear the series continues to entertain and I look forward to returning to this world and its characters (especially Monono!). I like the idea of the split narrative. In addition to keeping us up to date on what’s happening back home it kind of implies there may be something more between those two in the future.

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  6. Great review, Lashaan! I think I remember reading your review of the first book and being super interested, so this one made me want to check this series out even more! Thanks for sharing 😊

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