Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker

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28 thoughts on “Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker

  1. Ooh, I want this! 😁 I do admire Brubaker’s storytelling skills and his moderate madness – he always knows the limits to believability in stories and only very rarely oversteps his mark, creating iconic plots and moments.
    Fab review, Lashaan – this one goes on my TBR and probably even Christmas wishlist 😁

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  2. Awesome, glad to hear you enjoyed this one. The artwork looks very effective for this type of story. And it’s always nice to get access again to older stories that might be out of print. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read anything written by Brubaker. Looking at the dates he was writing for Marvel, where I’d have been most likely to see him, it appears he was writing after I’d stopped actively collecting. But it sounds like he’s a writer worth checking out.

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    1. I do love revisiting classics! I remember reading this one digitally first when I was only exploring comic books countless years ago. I’m glad to finally go through it in this deluxe edition on tops of discovering those two additional stories. I can assure you that Ed Brubaker is a critically-acclaimed writer. He knows how to tell good stories! 😀


    1. It has always been a favourite for me too, one of the first ones I discovered years ago when I wanted to see what the “Modern Age” Batman stories were like. Gotham Noir was a splendid addition to this deluxe edition. Worth checking out if you can get your hands on it in the future, good sir. Thanks for reading and for the kind words! 😀

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  3. When I finally start reading the Batman comics I own, I’d like to read this too, which I guess makes sense since the ones I own are Batman Year One and the Killing Joke, lol.
    I really like Brubaker too. I’ve only read Velvet volumes 1 & 2, but they had me so hooked.

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    1. Hahaha very wise picks too! I would definitely recommend this on top of Year One and The Killing Joke for people who want to discover the great classics of Batman’s comic book legacy! 😀 I still need to read Velvet myself but I still vividly remember your review of it from years ago hahah

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  4. “the story introduces the world to the Joker for the very first time”…ooh, nice, that’s a story I’m definitely interested for, but I have to admit I really like the sound of all the stories included in this book. The Elseworld story really does sounds very cool too!😀 Combined with the artwork, this is another DC book that I’m going to be adding to my collection quite soon (well next to some of the other’s you recommended… long as my shelve space holds up….😂😂)

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    1. Hahahaha I can’t blame you, my friend. It is time for you to curate that epic must-have DC collection and discover the glorious stories that they have dished out over the past 80 years, including this classic story that inspired The Dark Knight movie by Christopher Nolan! 😉

      P.S. Just because you’re on a roll for great stories, especially stand-alone stories, worth picking up, I want to mention Harleen by Stjepan Šejić which I reviewed during your hiatus. That’s one graphic novel you WANT to hold in your hands! 😉 Among many others… but we gotta be careful with your shelve space too now, don’t we??? 😛

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      1. You just had to mention Stjepan didn’t you? He’s one of my favorite artists and one I enjoyed since Aphrodite IX. I had no idea he went to DC too🤔🤔 Aargh…you are killing me here😂😂😂 Heads off to order some stuff right now…..🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
        As for Christopher Nolan’s trilogy….I’m planning on rewatching those movies for the Raistlin Rewatches series soon! 😀😀

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        1. Hahaha fantastic then! I’m glad to hear that you already know of his exquisite art. I believe you’ll be stunned by Harleen when you get the chance. 😉 Even the book’s design is PERFECT! 😀

          Hell yes for Nolan’s trilogy rewatch! It’s almost a mandatory yearly thing! 😀 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it then.

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  5. The frames look fresh. The story is good? Bingo. Thanks for sharing Lashaan, you are tempting me to create a month dedicated to comic reviews. They have always had a special place in my heart ever since my grandma would take me around to all the different comic book shops and buy me whatever comic I wanted. It was heaven.

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    1. It’s definitely a must-read for any fan of Batman/Joker! You definitely put a smile on my face with your kind words, sir. It always makes me happy to hear how I contributed to make people WANT to read more comics. There’s just too much to enjoy from them to ignore them, if you ask me! I’ve read them sparingly throughout my childhood, focusing my attention much more towards mangas instead, but ever since I dove into comics over five years ago, I know I can’t stop consuming them anymore! 😀


  6. Another great Joker review man! I actually have the original hardcover edition of “The Man Who Laughs” which I bought when it came out in 2006/2007 (I think), I’ve re-read this story a few times but it’s been a while since my last revisit. I have to correct that especially in the Crown Prince of Crime’s 80th year! By the way, do you know the character of the Joker was inspired by the 1928 silent horror film “The Man Who Laughs”? I’ve recently bought the blu-ray of it as I’m a fan of classic horror and silent film and very interested to see it given it’s apparent influence on the creation of the Joker.

    Darn, I may have to pick up this new Deluxe Edition for the larger trim size and the extra material which it also collects…especially that Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips story! If you like Brubaker’s Batman work, I can’t recommend Gotham Central enough…it’s what theb Gotham tv show should have been (and why I was initially excited for it) – and fingers crossed that HBO Max series will be!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I’ve only read it digitally before I really started collecting and I don’t know what got into me, but I hadn’t gotten myself a copy until now with this excellent deluxe edition! I definitely do recommend checking it out for the extra Brubaker/Phillips story. It’s a hidden gem.

      I did know about the Joker character’s origin and actually have a copy of Victor Hugo’s novel that I also wanted to read before checking out that very movie hahaha And well… too many things to do in too little time! 😛

      I plan on getting around to the first volume of Gotham Central before 2021 (it was part of my 2020 New Years Resolution hahaha) and I can’t wait for it. I have a good feeling that the HBO spin-off series of The Batman will rely much more on this comic book series than any other show before hahaha

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