My Monthly Anticipation | November 2020

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32 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | November 2020

  1. Haha, had to laugh at that gif at the end of your post. Well, as you know I used to be a gamer, and haven’t been one for many years now. But I admit the look of that new Playstation looks amazing, and I’m very tempted to maybe buy one myself next year. But we will see if that happens. I’m glad you are excited for it though.
    Some good reads coming up too I see: that Wolverine book especially looks sick! What a cover. It will be interesting to see what the story will be about! 😀
    As for the Mel Gibson movie: I saw that trailer a week ago and was like “ Whaaaaaattttt😂😂😂”. It honestly is quite the fun concept, so who knows, this might really be worth the watch😊
    Either way: I’m looking forward to all your upcoming posts! Have a good month Lashaan!😀😀

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    1. Yep. I’m still happy to know that you own a Switch and have been playing games here and then (e.g. Outlast)! I have a hard time imagining giving up my support for Playstation as I grow up, having been a fanboy since the PS1 and still loving video games with a lot of passion to this day! I really can’t wait for the PS5 and all that it will offer! 😛

      Yep! The recent Wolverine stories are getting some very interesting twists. Hopefully it’ll pay off! 😛

      Hahahah right? When I first saw the trailer, I had no idea where this was going. I actually took the trailer really seriously until I understood that it referred to Santa hahahah

      Thanks, man! I look forward to your own posts this month, my good friend! 😀

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  2. Lol, that gif seems to capture your mood perfectly! 😂
    Yeah, US election is the theme this month… Not much of a chance it will end on the election night, even.

    I’m very curious of Barker’s second Bone Ships book – I enjoyed the first one surprisingly much, but I’m a bit wary of the direction I forsee it taking now.. we’ll see!

    Have a great month, Lashaan!

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    1. As a recent subscriber to Bookidote I have enjoyed dipping in to the various blogs published from day to week, and they’ve all been thoroughly enjoyable/informative/heartwarming.. many thanks for (all) your commitment to championing everything bookish ! This particular series , highlighting your own upcoming ‘most anticipated’s’ has been really useful and inspiring..I’m off to my local bookstore before we get thrown into a second national lockdown in 4 days time ! Many thanks and keep up the great work all of you.. Jim.
      London, UK

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    2. Indeed! 😛 Ahh yes, absolutely. It’s just two very chaotic lives they have to choose from and I’m just curious about how it’ll all develop going forward. 😀 I actually feel the same for Barker but I guess we’ll see what he’ll have in store for us. 😀 Have an excellent month as well, Ola. 😉

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  3. If you didn’t have to be connected online all the time for the new game consoles, I’d probably actually try one. But that kind of lock is a no-go for me :-
    Obviously, you’ll have fun with it, so I hope it lives up to your expectations.

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    1. That’s true. While there are things you could play offline without much hassle, it’s a very online world when it comes to new console generations. It’s still amazing how much they’ve evolved over the years too. I’m happy to have witnessed 5 generations of the Playstation though hahah

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  4. Lot of controversy doing the rounds between the current Xbox and PS releases. I’ll be keeping an eye on it all before I decide to get one. Let the pro’s work out the kinks first. I am way too bussy completing PS3 games still…. Wolverine cover looks awesome! Have a great November mate.

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    1. I’ve never been an Xbox fan and will likely never get it, especially when I have a PC where I can play all of their games too anyways hahah I’ll probably also be catching up on a bunch of PS4 games on my PS5! Thank god for backward compatibility! 😀 Thanks, man. Hope you’re safe and doing well nowadays, my man.

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  5. Looks like you have lots to look forward to in Nov. I hope the new Playstation can live up to your expectations! And the US election certainly is a big deal even for those of us outside the US. Not sure I dare watch it!

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  6. I finished reading Ring Shout the other day and it was everything I expected from the enthusiastic reviews I’ve seen so far – and more. As for Call of the Bone Ships, I’m reading it right now and so far it looks even better than its predecessor, which is saying a lot… 🙂
    Have a great November!

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    1. Now that’s what I love hearing! Getting your seal approval is probably the best thing anyone could hear for their books too! 😛 I can’t wait to dive into soon myself now. Same for Call of the Bone Ships! I’m glad to hear so many positive things! 😀 Thanks, Maddalena! Have a fantastic month as well. 😀

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  7. Hahaha love the excited bunny sticker 😂 I love reading your monthly anticipations and I’m always very impressed by the things you look forward to! I imagine the election day will be a bit world-changing, hopefully for the best… Let’s see! In the meantime, enjoy your reading and, when it comes, the PS5! 😁

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    1. Hahahah thanks, Juliette! It’s going to be a wild month for everyone, I believe. It’s nice that there are still books, at least, to look forward to every month though. It’ll allow many of us to escape some of the more insane things that life has to offer these days. 😀 Hope you also have some great things to look forward to in November! 😉

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  8. I have an ebook copy of Rage of Dragons I’ve yet to try, so curious to read your thoughts on that. And I’ve heard good things about Ring Shout. Wexler is one I’ve still not read… one day. And speaking of that, I’ve enjoyed many Sanderson books but seeing the length of both the series and each book I keep putting off trying The Stormlight Archive… And I’m with you on Ready Player Two. I’m hopeful but highly sceptical. I’ve not been watching Marvel lately, though they put out most of the comics I used to subscribe to back in the day. Wolverine was always a bit of a favorite of mine and some of his older stories were fun. I still have a soft spot for the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine limited series and the first Wolverine limited series from the early 80s, though it would be interesting to reread them and see if I still enjoyed them. I won’t be losing any sleep election night. There’ll be nothing more I can do to influence the outcome and there’s no point getting all worked up over whatever happens. Better to find a way to peaceably live with it. I hope the PS5 gives you many hours of enjoyment! Always nice having something to look forward to. Just don’t forget about all the books and comics. 🙂

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    1. I look forward to sharing my thoughts for Rage of Dragons, Ring Shout, and Ashes of the Sun soon. Hopefully they’ll help you even more in picking up your own copies or to get more books to your ever-expanding TBR! 😉 I am completely with you about Sanderson’s books. It’s the main reason why I still haven’t read the sequel to The Way of Kings hahah I do hope that Ready Player Two somehow surprises us in a good way. I really liked the nostalgia factor that was explored throughout it. It was a wonderful escape from reality!

      Funny that you mention Kitty Pryde and Wolverine hahah My latest post is pretty much an update on what’s going on with the X-Men nowadays in the comic book world! Maybe it’ll motivate you to revisit the ones you already own or maybe even make you visit your local comic book shop someday soon to check out some newer material! 😉

      You’re right about not losing sleep over this election. The outcome is bound to have severe repercussions no matter who wins and we’re sure to discover what those will be in the coming days too.

      Thanks, Todd! I hope you have a fantastic month of November too and that everything you look forward to turns out to be fantastic. Don’t worry about me and the books/comics I hope to read. I’m sure I’ll somehow hack time and get more done that I ever thought I could hahah 😀


  9. A couple of my most anticipated books of the year are releasing this month, including Rhythm of War and Ready Player Two. And over the years I’ve gone from an Xbox lover to a Playstation convert. Love my PS4, though I think I will be waiting a while for more next gen games to come out before picking up the 5. We’re huge gamers in my household so I’m sure we’ll own all the new consoles at some point anyway 😛 Speaking of games, are you going to be playing Cyberpunk 2077? Sucks that it’s been delayed again, but I’m really excited for it!

    BTW, didn’t know you are Canadian! Canadian transplant in the US here. Toronto’s my hometown 🙂

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    1. Waaaah! It’s nice to discover that you have Canadian roots in ya! 😉 I’m born and raised in Montreal, so we were actually not that far from each other too hahah

      I do hope that both of those two books will prove to be as good as you hope them to be! And if you read Ready Player Two early, I’ll probably pick it up just based on your own thoughts on it too hahah

      I grew up with all the Sony consoles, so you can definitely expect no Xbox love from here hahaha During high school, it was a whole thing to embrace the console wars among us too. I’m really glad that the PS5 will have backward compatibility too, allowing me to revisit my PS4 collection and catch up on those that I haven’t yet completed!

      I have been really excited for Cyberpunk 2077 since E3 but the constant delay has gotten me more skeptical with each push… This latest push has me even more worried about the problems that they might have encountered too. I’m a bit saddened that they even had to delay it considering that they had announced that they were going gold (ready to ship). For them to run into problems NOW, must mean that they had encountered serious issues for their console editions. 😦 I hope I’m wrong and that the delay will be all worth it though! Will you be getting the PS5 for you and the fam as soon as possible or will that wait? Or did you dare convert back to Xbox?!?! 😛


    1. It’s probably a perfect background show to put on too!!! 😀

      I’m definitely glad for you guys that he’s out of the picture, at least until he stops post-election legal pursuits… And many when he calms down on Twitter too… I’m still incredibly mind-blown that 70 million people VOTED for the guy… The divide in the States is goddamn real and I think Trump really brought the worse out of some people throughout his term… Now… we just got to see what Biden dares do now.

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      1. Yea man! This election was so crazy and I really hope all these lawsuits aren’t successful. He needs to go. I’m surprised that states that have heavy corona numbers gave him the most votes. I’m like, do these people realize he hasn’t done anything to better the situation? Anyway, I’m just hoping Biden’s term is much better.
        And yeah, Trump brought out the worse in everyone. Just reveals the underlying sentiments despite the progress being made.

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