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27 thoughts on “Digital Mini Reviews | The X-Men Takeover

  1. I loved the old x-men animated series. In fact I own the whole thing on dvd, and it’s still quite a joy to revisit from time to time😊
    I haven’t read any of these (yet) but the House of X is a series that I have heard a lot about, and also the one I’m most interested in to check out at some point. Too bad the Origin of Wolverine is a let down, as he’s certainly one of the coolest X-men of course. I also like the pirate idea though…that’s a nice and very cool twist!😀😀 Nice round up Lashaan, and very helpful to decide what to check out when it comes to all things X-men! 😀😀

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    1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! You get +30 points for loving, owning, and rewatching that animated series, my friend! 😛 This new relaunch is indeed worth everyone’s time and is a fun starting point, although it can be confusing, especially when you don’t necessarily know many characters. It’s worth discovering Origin of Wolverine though. I wasn’t too impressed by it but I’m sure others might find it rewarding or intriguing somehow! 😛

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  2. This relaunch is completely new to me, and I didn’t watch the animated series, but the X universe was my destination of choice for the majority of my active comic reading days. I loved X-Men and New Mutants, and I really enjoyed the odd Excaliber when it first came out. It was different but had some of the characters I’d grown to love from other series and I liked the artwork. And Wolverine was always one of my favorite characters, but I really enjoyed the mystery behind his origins, how they were periodically hinted at but never fully revealved. There were lots of Japanese influences that I enjoyed. And it was fascinating some of his early exploits up in Canada alone and with Alpha Flight. I can understand how trying to release an origin story could be a letdown. This does leave me wanting to reread some of the issues I have. One favorite of mine was the graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills. Chris Claremont was probably one of my favorite writers back in the day. Even if I don’t get into any of these relaunched titles I appreciate the walk down memory lane!

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    1. I think you would’ve had a blast with the animated series back when you were collecting too. It’s very Chris Claremont-esque and will probably always be among the best animated series to have ever existed. Wolverine is indeed a fantastic character, mysterious yet wild in his ways. I’ve always enjoyed his adventures too. While the live-action movies did milk him a bit too much (good thing Logan ended up being an extraordinary movie though). I plan on revisiting Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s run though. Duly noted for God Loves, Man Kills. It sounds like a story worth checking out. Thank you for sharing your trip down memory lane haha! 😀

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          1. I just finished watching Logan. Wow! I think this is my favorite so far of any of the mutant movies, and exactly the sort of story I used to most enjoy in comic form, very personal and emotionally intense. So well done, and not just a fit ending of Hugh Jackman’s run but also a fit ending for the character (if that’s what it is). He did a great job, but so did the actress playing Laura. She fit that role perfectly. And Professor Xavier, that’s not something I’d seen coming… A real powerful story. I very much appreciate you recommending it, best film I’ve seen in a while (although I did recently watch Weathering With You…. tough to compare those two 😀). It’s funny, too, I’d never read anything with Laura’s character but I immediately recognized her from some collections I’d purchased years ago but not yet read, X-23: Target X and Nyx/X-23. Now I can’t wait to crack those open and give them a try, as well as some of my older Wolverine/X-Men/New Mutants/etc comics. Funny how one great story can reawaken a passion! 😀

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            1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m really happy that you got around to checking out Logan. It is my favourite of all the X-Men movies too. It’s what they should’ve been working towards, considering how bad the previous Wolverine movies were (I was personally on the verge of disliking the character and his movie stories too). Thank the gods that they made Logan just in time. I do think it’s a perfect send-off for both the actor and the character; it is based on the classic graphic novel Old Man Logan after all.

              Ahh yes, hard to compare Weathering With You and Logan hahahah

              I haven’t read anything with X-23 either but I definitely look forward to reading more of them, either focused on their character or parallel through X-Men stories like this whole House of X/Power of X reboot. I’m really glad to hear how it sparked an interest to un-dust all those comics you’ve stored, Todd!!!! Now I’m also hyped up and can’t wait to read more, I’ll even try and read those two X-23 stories you own! Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts on Logan, my friend! 😀


  3. X-Men animated series was the thing on Sat morning! And on a slightly unrelated note, I cannot say enough for Batman: The Animated Series, as that was a staple for cartoons and art in general! X-Men and I go way back to the yellow and blue suites ( that in my opinion are the best – It’s probably the nostalgia! ). But, I sadly haven’t read any of these titles, so I must not be a big of a fan as I need to be. 😎

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  4. My relationship with X-Men is complex 😉 There’s so much going on that I don’t feel invested enough to care – if you know what I mean 😎 My favorite X-Man is Wolverine, and he’s as often in as out, and has his own comics, so the main X-Men line is something I only dip my toes in from time to time. It doesn’t help that because of various reasons (large cast is definitely one of them ;)) it still keeps that high-school vibe 😉

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    1. I can totally understand. I’ve always found everything outside the original X-Men gang. And it didn’t help that Marvel had a gazillion different series for each of them (Superior X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men, etc. etc.) hahaha I do have to admit that this new relaunch helps enormously in giving readers a starting point with an overarching plot and all though! 😀

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  5. Awesome, glad to see you diving into the X-universe Lashaan! We have a similar-ish history with both X-Men and Spider-Man it seems, my very first American comic book was an X-Men issue which came out just before the (awesome and eXcellent) animated series launched…and then I was hooked! In fact I’m currently in this midst of a rewatch as well as re-reading some classic Marvel 90s X-Men collections. Same with Spider-Man, I was reading UK Spider-Man reprints a couple of years before the ace animated series started. But, I was a Spidey fan even before that as ‘Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends’ would re-run Saturday dinner times when I was a real youngling!

    Anyway, I digress with the biography hahaha! House of X/Powers of X blew my mind really and I had high expectations after Hickman’s Avengers run. A really, really great new start for the X-family!

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    1. I actually never really thought about the idea of finding comic books of those heroes that I discovered through those very animated series. I think my very young self never figured it would be a logical step but I think it might be because I had no clue where to find them and enjoy them and simply found refuge in manga instead hahah I should give Hickman’s Avengers run in the near future. 😀 Thanks again for pointing me towards it!

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