36 thoughts on “The Invention of Sound by Chuck Palahniuk

  1. Haha, well if there is one thing I know: it’s that I’m definitely falling in the category of weird!😂😂 The premise does sound very interesting, but I also admit that what you describe about the narrative at times leaving readers confused as to what’s going on, has me slightly worried. Then again, if you say that’s alleviated again by the rest, I might give this one a go😊 As usual this was once again a terrific review, and convincing enough to have me add it to my to to read list😊

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    1. Hahahah there’s so much to learn about humankind through their weirdness after all! 😀 I think it all comes down to how intrigued you are by the premise and if you’re used to what Chuck Palahniuk usually writes, to decide if this is one for you or not hahah I’m glad to hear that I convinced you enough to want to try it though! Thanks for reading, Michel! 😀

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  2. Well, this sounds like a journey into Hell for readers, but also an intriguing one, and I believe it will illustrate the reason why it’s much easier to deal with imaginary monsters than with the darkness many hide under their skin… From your words it does not look like an easy read, but I’m certain it might prove very fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for posting another great review, Lashaan.

    I want to apologize about my last comment, while trying to come up with something interesting to say, now that I re-read it, seemed kind of insensitive and brash, so if it came off that way – I apologize!! 🤠

    Have a marvelous day. -S.D.

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  4. One thing I like about his books are the covers! They’re always catchy! I guess I’m gonna give this a miss seeing how it can get a little confusing in the middle 😅 Glad you enjoyed this, Lashaan! Great review!

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  5. I’ve yet to read anything by Palahniuk though Fight Club has been highly recommended to me (both book and movie). Do you think I’d be better off starting my Palahniuk journey with that, or something like this one? And if you think Fight Club would be a better place would you tackle the book first then the movie, which would be my first inclination, or the reverse? Great review, by the way!

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    1. I’d always recommend Fight Club first to anyone who wants to read Mister Palahniuk’s books and then to move on to other of his hits! If you haven’t seen the movie already and can be patient about it, then I’d recommend checking out the book first but the movie will give you a whole different viewing experience, however. I like to see those two as two distinct tales too, especially in how it all ends. Hope you get around to trying your first Palahniuk soon, my friend! 😀 Thanks for reading!


  6. As much as I enjoyed the movie Fight Club, I’ve never been tempted to read anything by this author (notice how I cleverly skirted around the issue of actually trying to spell his name without a copy/paste?) and no review for any of his works, by anyone, have ever tempted me. Not even this one 😀

    Glad you enjoyed it so much but it’s a hard pass for me…

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  7. Worried about the second part that you mentioned.
    I remember this book jumping out at me at Barnes and Noble a while back. Too much pink on the cover. But a cool watermelon concept. It seems to be “too popular” for me to want to pick up. I’m not a fan of hype.

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    1. I don’t really think that it’s “too popular” though. I find that writer Chuck Palahniuk has been on a pretty bad streak lately; I’ve been hearing from many other readers that he didn’t really have much of a groove too. I could also tell from his Fight Club 3 graphic novel that earned a good ol’ 1 star from me.

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