homebody by rupi kaur

I might receive a lot of backlash for saying this out loud but in my opinion, this book is the weakest poem book yet written by rupi kaur. I have absolutely adored milk and honey and the sun and her flowers so it’s very difficult for me to write this review. Let’s talk about the good things first. I admire the fact that she has the courage to speak out about abuse, rape and all the difficult topics openly. I applaud her for putting words into the anxiety and the depression she felt (the same anxiety and depression I felt but I couldn’t words into it) and for empowering women. But to be completely honest, there are only three poems in this entire collection that I considered well-done and well-written. My favourite is the one about her dad, it’s called A Lifetime On The Road, where she would reflect how her dad pours his soul to work really hard even when he was sick and he couldn’t afford to pay for the surgeries. It lasted the whole 2 pages and that was worth all the read.

Unfortunately, apart those three poems most of the poems featured in the books feels like statements from the newspapers. It doesn’t even feel like a poetry book, only sentences from a political cookbook printed on the pages. Or when a person feels very unmotivated to dive in deeper.

These two poems are pretty known expressions and proverbs in our daily lives, I don’t think because you put some doodles around and make it into shorter sentences while putting everything in lower cases make it more poetic.

But my main problem with the book is, usually I can discern the main message of a poetry book but in this one I’m not so sure what she is trying to say and with times, it seems like she keeps contradicting herself. In one page she would say that toxic and abuse relationships are no good, but on the other hand once she found the perfect man, she doesn’t want him and disregards it, and then she would go back with a poem saying she’s looking for the perfect man.

I have always praised rupi kaur for her efficiency and the way she uses the right words to describe an accurate feeling but the shortness of her words in this volume is simply dull. She talks about big themes but only brushes and skims the surface of it and that’s why I think the execution is poor in this one. It lacked substance.

RATING : 3/5

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy to review!


10 thoughts on “homebody by rupi kaur

  1. Oh that’s disappointing.

    I see what you mean when you said:

    ‘sentences from a political cookbook printed on the pages’

    We have to put ourselves there in the moment of whatever topic we are writing about, and if we aren’t there, the readers can always tell…

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