Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson

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17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson

  1. My only exposure to Wonder Woman was Lynda Carter in the 70’s. Somehow I suspect this is quite a bit different from that. 🙂 I do like the idea behind it, and though my initial reaction to the arkwork was negative I do think it might fit a grim and dark story like this. I suspect I might even come around to liking it if I were drawn into the story. And it’s a small thing, but the font is different than I’m used to. Is the same font used throughout the entire book?

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    1. While I’m familiar with Lynda Carter’s iteration of Wonder Woman, I never really took the time to revisit her stuff back in the day, fearing that I was very likely to cringe my way through her adventures hahah 😀 When this graphic novel project was announced, I was skeptical with the artwork too, especially WW’s character design but I think the story and style allow it to work in the end, unless it really kills the reader’s impression from cover to cover. The lettering is maintaining throughout the story. It also fits with the artwork if you ask me. Nice eye on that, Todd! 😀


  2. A good WW story? Well, color me intrigued, Lashaan!
    Great review, btw, I’m almost sold on this one – especially the guilt part 😂😂 though the art looks nothing special, tbh – not very dark or horror-y…

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    1. I won’t lie that I can see you point out a couple of flaws rather quickly for this one but I don’t think anyone can really say that it’s a disgustingly horrible plot though! 😛 I’m also with you there. I didn’t think it was going to dip its toe in horror but it does at times and it was conceptually shocking rather than visually. However, gore is gore, and there is plenty of that sprinkled throughout the story. 😛 I am glad to hear your interest in it though! I wonder what kind of reaction you’d have with this one! 😛 Thanks for reading, Ola!

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  3. I’ve just received my copy and am reading it right now. Loving it, so far.😀 I’ve never been a fan of the Wonder Woman comic book, but I’m a big fan of Daniel Warren Johnson. His two series Extremity and Murder Falcon really stood out for me. I think his artwork is a kind of hybrid of American comics and Japanese manga styles. There are some great vids on YouTube showing his drawing process. Also, ComicPOP did a good interview with him, which I recommend.

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    1. I saw that you were reading it on Goodreads and I’m glad to hear such a super positive reception from you for it already! I added both Extremity and Murder Falcon on my TBR when I finished this one up and I’m really happy to hear that you’d recommend them too! I agree about the style being a blend of manga and comics. Thanks for vouching for his work! Many seem pretty quick to conclude that this one doesn’t look appealing solely based on art! 😛

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      1. Yes, the art is very divisive on this book. But as you have said, I think it compliments the tone of the story. As you will see in Extremity and Murder Falcon, Johnson seems to have a love for depicting weird and wonderful creaures and monsters. I also like the kinetic feel to some of his panels, that sense of movement that is common in a lot of manga. Especially in the fight scenes.

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