From Hell by Alan Moore

I jumped from joy and excitement when my boyfriend gave me this volume on my birthday. From Hell is one magnificent graphic novel although it is raw and the illustrations are ..well quite not subtle. This one is not for the faint heart. Alan Moore in his own way and creativity, digs in the in the identity of Jack The Ripper and gives us a phenomenal dark, gothic and cultic version of it.

I loved the mystery surrounding the protagonist for the first two chapters. We all see the scenes from his point of view, while his face is always hidden in someway. We often see a glimpse of his arms and his hands as her performs autopsies on animals, as he climbs up the ladder from his surgery classes to being a renowned Her Majesty Doctor.

After a few chapters, the identity is revealed quite rapidly and even though I thought the graphic novel to be a murder mystery, where we would have to guess and whatnot, it certainly isn’t. The rest of the graphic novel feels more like a very long novel with hints from historical, political and geographical interests. I love the details in the illustrations, and the sketchy style of Campbell and short strokes put on an impressive detail. So much that it feels like the surroundings and the sightings were more important than the characters themselves. As for the themes of this volume, they are as heavy as the volume itself. I believe it is Alan Moore’s gift. To look into one soul’s darkest moment, seize the moment and fill it with ink.

RATING : 4/5

Did you read this graphic novel? How did you like it?


10 thoughts on “From Hell by Alan Moore

  1. I own the original book of this, not in colour, a huge beast of a book which has lay on my shelf, unread, for well over 15 years. It lies there, taunting me, daring me to read it. I have tried once or twice over the years, but honestly, I’ve found it so intimidating, the art, the language, the style, that I’ve never managed it. I’ve been reading comics for almost 40 years, and so really want to get this finally read! Bizarrely enough, this very week I’ve taken it down and given it another go, and this time, for whatever reason, it clicked and I’m loving it! I’m only on chapter 3, but so far so good!

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    1. Oh my god, you had it for so long haha! I’m happy you decided to pick it up again, right on time I picked up mine too 🙂 I can imagine it being a rather heavy volume and to be honest the font was so small that I couldn’t manage to continue in the beginning but with time it got easier haha. Let me know how you find it ! It is quite a peculiar read.


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