Hades (2020) Video Game Review

Title: Hades.

Console (played on): PC.
Mode(s): Single-Player.
GENRE(S): ACTION, Adventure, fantasy.
Developer: Supergiant Games.
Publisher: Supergiant Games.

Programmer(s): Gavin Simon, Andrew Wang, Dexter Friedman, Alice Lai & Nikola Sobajic.
Artist(s): Jen Zee.
Writer: Greg Kasavin.
Composer: Darren Korb
Voice Actor(s): Logan Cunningham, Darren Korb, Marianne Miller, Peter Canavese, and many more!

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 10 out of 10.


You can find out more about my thoughts by visiting me over on my blog here:

Roars & Echoes.



28 thoughts on “Hades (2020) Video Game Review

  1. Oh wow, what an enthusiastic, thorough review, Lashaan! I feel almost tempted (not in the least because I love Greek mythology ;)) It looks quite fun, tbh – glad to hear you had such a blast with it!! 😀

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    1. Hahahah yes, I am! It’s a well-kept secret but I’ve been sharing a couple of video game reviews here and then for a couple of months now. So far I have a review for The Last of Us Part II (2020), Doom (2016), Miles Morales (2020), and Hades (2020)! 😀 Hahahah glad to know that you’re also a fellow gamer, Jon! 😀


  2. Though I’ve never been drawn to games with this style of gameplay I do like the story aspects and I’m glad to hear how much you’ve enjoyed it. Strangely, I think I’d get more enjoyment out of watching someone else play who’s enthusiastic about the game than I would playing it. 🙂

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    1. I think this could indeed be quite fun to watch too! There’s always something going on and each “run” is as original as the last one. You should try checking out some YouTube videos on playthroughs if you’re ever curious hahah Thanks for reading, Todd! 😀


  3. Thank you for the recommendation, Lashaan. I’ve been hearing a bunch of year end goodness out of this title and I hear they will be adding it to GamePass soon, so I’ll be checking it out then. I’m still thoroughly enjoying Immortals Fenyx Rising, which is also a Greek Mythology title. 🙂

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  4. So good! I’ve done about 60 runs and 4 completions (I spent a lot of time trying to get out with the shield before I realized just how good the spear was). I absolutely loved that every time I thought I had the game figured out, it threw a new twist at me! And I enjoy the random aspect of the boon system, of trying to find new ways to make things work so I can escape. I could say my goal is to get to the true ending, but really I just want Thanatos to love me and all of my energy is going into that lol.

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    1. I was mind-blown that 10 completions to complete the main story… Apparently, the epilogue chapter requires you to get over 30 more completions!!! At least there are way too many good reasons to return to the game to even care for that in the end hahah I’m with you there. The random aspect of building yourself till the end is so addictive. And that Zagreus-Thanatos energy is strong hahahah


  5. I am here for this review on easily the best game of 2020, though the time it took me to actually finish the game is unreal haha. Everything about the game was so fluid in its actions and narrative. As much as I adore Zagreus, Achilles stole the show for me and i loved how they wove in the history of these Greek heroes into the narrative. Safe to say I adore this game!

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    1. I was mind-blown that you needed to beat the game 10 times for the main story and then almost 30 more times for the epilogue chapter! Talk about replayability hahahah Achilles role in this story was quite fascinating, then again, I could probably say the same for everyone in some way hahahah I do love that voice actor Logan Cunningham does like 6 different voices in the game!!! So insane!! 😛


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