Dark Nights: Death Metal by Scott Snyder

Title: Dark Nights: Death Metal.
Series: Dark Nights #2.
Writer(s): Scott Snyder.
Penciller(s): Greg Capullo.
Inker(s): Jonathan Glapion.
Colourist(s): FCO Plascencia.
Epilogue Artist(s): Yanick Paquette & Bryan Hitch.
Epilogue Colourist(s): Nathan Fairbairn & Alex Sinclair.
Letterer(s): Tom Napolitano.
PublisherDC Comics.

: Hardcover – Deluxe edition.
Release Date: December 10th 2019 (first published 2009).
Pages: 240.
Genre(s): Comics, Science-Fiction.
ISBN13: 9781401295165.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Previously in the Dark Nights series:
Dark Days: The Road to Metal by Scott Snyder.
Dark Nights: Metal by Scott Snyder.


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16 thoughts on “Dark Nights: Death Metal by Scott Snyder

  1. Hm, awesome and interesting review Lashaan. As I’ve said before I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Dark Nights Metal series but I will eventually check this out to satisfy my curiosity and to keep up with events in the DCU. I didn’t check out any of the Future State titles as there were just too many, so plan to get the collected editions of the ones I’m interested in (I’ll also wait for Infinite Frontier to get collected).

    Scott Snyder can be a bit “too” metal for my tastes, but I did enjoy his JL run (and I love Superman Unchained). For some reason I’ve struggled with Greg Capullo’s art…in my mind I know it’s “good” but there’s a cartoonish quality to it that doesn’t gel with me.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I personally thought that we had more than enough with the first Dark Nights event and his Justice League run. I’m keeping up with this sequel just so I can keep on reading the upcoming DC stuff, including Infinite Frontier and Future Slate, both I’ll also be waiting for collected editions for those. I do hope you have a good time with this whenever you get around to it. It’s definitely going to be super wild…

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  2. I’ve had the entire Dark Metal series collected for a while now and not got round to reading it yet. Personally, I’m not really a big fan of the multiverse stuff in DC, I don’t like it when Batman is taken out of Gotham and everything goes a bit sci-fi – one of the reasons I never really enjoyed Grant Morrison’s run (well, and the terrible writing…!) but Snyder wrote my all time favorite Batman run with the new 52, so was hoping to love this… I’m not sure, I’ll get round to it at some point, but currently making my way through the No Man’s Land saga…

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    1. Hahahah well, you won’t be surprised to see that Snyder goes very Morrisonesque in his Dark Metal run and everything is exactly what you seem to dislike (multiverse-centric, high fantasy, etc.). As a huge fan of his New 52 Batman run though, I tend to stick around for anything he writes but clearly, he’s been going hard with his psychedelic imagination nowadays! 😀 Hope you’re having a blast with the No Man’s Land saga though! Thanks for reading, sir.


  3. Everything is founded on emotion and instinct.

    Definitely not my thing then. Plus, I was scrolling through your little pictures at the end and saw a Joker Robin? That is just wrong on so many levels that I wouldn’t be able to get past that.

    I do continue to be impressed at how well you’re staying with these sprawling storylines.

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    1. Ah yes, I think you’d find this quite insane. Anything anyone would think they’d know about these heroes will be challenged but at heart, they’re still who they are, and I guess that’s what Scott Snyder was going for.

      Hahah those Joker Robin things are indeed born from all this Dark Nights stories, they’re the Batman Who Laughs’ little minions and they don’t really talk until this story introduced the Robin King. 😛 Yeh. It might indeed be too crazy for your taste! 😛

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  4. At this point I find things that are too over the top hard to swallow. Of course, the definition of “too over the top” is a bit hard to pin down. But I do really wonder if this is just the sort of thing my younger self would have loved. 🙂

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      1. And I think you hit on a key point regarding the definition of over the top. For me I can often accept and enjoy crazy and wild stories that some would consider over the top, but if it just doesn’t seem to make sense within itself, or becomes far too unbelievable (again, within itself) such that I can’t suspend that disbelief, that’s when it becomes over the top (in a bad way) for me. But I do think the line is flexible and what I like one day I may dislike another and vice versa depending on mood. 🙂

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