Forever and A Day : A James Bond novel

Anthony Horowitz is back but this time, with a very special novel, a James Bond novel. I’ve always loved Alex Rider series by him and I was really curious how he would take over the lead for this signature character. First, I think it was a brilliant move to set the story as a prequel to Casino Royale, because we get to see James Bond as a more inexperienced and fresh version of himself. And besides, Ian Fleming never really likes to talk about James Bond’s origin story so the move Horowitz did pretty much allow him to do whatever he pleases. Although with some reserve of course, Horowitz has used the original material from Fleming while writing this novel.

(c) Trang Tran

Second, Horowitz understands two fundamentals things about Fleming’s character: women and villains. The woman here is Sixtine, the femme fatale and Scipio, a Corsican drug dealer. Sixtine represents pretty much the rise of feminism and a nod to the #Metoo movement: “I want to make it clear that you are never to touch me again without asking.”

Finally the cherry on top: the beautiful setting of the French Riviera. I fell in love with the South of France during my short trip two years ago and the thought of James Bond adventure in Monaco and racing to the small streets of the Marseille makes me giggle and all the same nostalgic. It’s a fast-paced books with a lot of action scenes, this novel is dry and punchy just like how he likes his drinks!

Do you like James Bond novels or movies ? Would you want to read a James Bond novel set up before Casino Royale?

(c) Trang Tran
(c) Trang Tran

Big thank you to Harper Collins for a copy to review!

8 thoughts on “Forever and A Day : A James Bond novel

  1. What kind of whiskey is that in the decanter? Or is it tea like they do in the movies? lol

    Never have I ever read a James Bond book. While I have watched the movies, they aren’t my particular favorites, but it’s probably worth revisiting at some point. Thanks for the great review, Trang.

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    1. LMAO I wish it was tea but no it’s whiskey 😂 Haig&Haig 12 years ! Even if James Bond weren’t your favourites, it means a lot you took the time to read my review ! Thank you!!

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  2. Hmmmm, I’m torn by this one. I’ve always had a hard time getting into books written by someone other than the original author. Kind of like some of the Sherlock Holmes stories out there. But I’ve also not yet read any of Ian Fleming’s books, and I’ve enjoyed most of the movies which are others takes on the character. So I don’t know. I’m glad you made me aware of this, but I’m not sure yet if it’s something I’d try. Maybe after reading some of Fleming’s books first. 🙂 Really glad to hear you enjoyed it, though.

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    1. Hi Todd! I totally understand I was skeptical at first but it helps that 1) I already liked Anthony Horowitz books when I was a kid haha and 2) that I was a fan of Ian Fleming. I think both authors contribute to James Bond theme in different manners. I would definitely recommend you to read Ian Fleming’s works first !

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