Invincible (Compendium One) by Robert Kirkman

Title: Invincible.
Compendium: One.
Writer(s): Robert Kirkman.
Penciller(s): Cory Walker & Ryan Ottley.
Inker(s): Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley & Cliff Rathburn.
Colourist(s): Bill Crabtree.
Letterer(s): Rus wootan.
PublisherImage Comics.

: Paperback – Omnibus.
Release Date: August 30th 2011.
Pages: 1092.
Genre(s): Comics, Science-Fiction.
ISBN13: 9781607064114.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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18 thoughts on “Invincible (Compendium One) by Robert Kirkman

  1. I saw this was available on Prime. It sounded like they were making fun of Superman AND somehow trying to turn him into a bad guy. I have no idea if that’s actually the case, but that’s the vibe I picked up from their little blurb associated with it.
    Naturally, I decided to pass.

    Do you think you’ll watch the tv version?

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    1. Hahah I remember when you mentioned being interested in it when I first mentioned the release of the show on Prime. I can understand that impression you got from the show. Omni-Man is indeed an alternate take on Superman but his character becomes his own once the major plot twist happens. After that, the focus isn’t on him much and more on Invincible as he learns to become a superhero and a young adult.

      I’m not too big on TV series for a couple of years now; I prefer to invest my time in movies instead. Their length makes it harder to squeeze into my schedule. I did keep Invincible on my list but for now, I’d rather finish the comics more than anything. Maybe someday I’ll be inspired to go through the animated series.

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  2. Not going to lie, I had no idea this series existed before I watched the trailer for the Amazon show and people seemed so excited for it. I still haven’t read or watched it yet, but your review makes me excited to do so someday soon 🙂

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  3. Wow, another very long one, over 1000 pages. I hate the spines on those but I do like getting more story in one place without having to collect so many seperate volumes. This one is completely new to me so thanks for the introduction. You certainly paint a picture that leaves me curious to give it a try.

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    1. I am totally with you there, my friend. I prefer my omnibuses to be hardcovers. At least then, it will all come down to how I manipulate with kindness my books rather than an inevitable spine crack on paperback omnibuses hahaha I’m glad to introduce this series to you, Todd. I am curious to see how the series comes to an end once I get around to finishing the series with compendium 2 and 3! Thanks for reading, my friend.


  4. Man, I really enjoyed the Amazon series (stoked it’s been picked up for a second AND third season) – which you really should check out my good man (only eight episodes to squeeze in)! That and your review have definitely got me interested in checking out the source material…it’s going on the list for sure!

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    1. I definitely recommend the comic book series, especially in its ultimate edition or compendium format (I think the paperback edition will make its pacing flaws stick out too much). I’m convinced the show probably can’t focus on the more intimate, personal relationship elements as much as the comic.

      I honestly didn’t know it was just 8 episodes until you mentioned it hahahah I’ll definitely keep it on my list though. I’ll probably try and finish the comic book series (2 more compendia to go) before trying the show though.


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