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Sometimes you just can’t resist a quick read, something fluffy, something gentle, something fully relatable, just to decompress and scratch an itch. Most of the time, I like indulge these kind of books in the form of comics that I mostly read on my phone when I’ve got a couple of minutes in-between activities. They make for such a satisfying read, not necessarily in terms of quality but simply in terms of cravings, like when you just want something hot and warm to drink when you’re feeling under the weather. So here’s a couple of reads that fits exactly in that category that I’ve gotten around to trying out in the past months.

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27 thoughts on “Digital Mini Reviews | Light Reads to Get You Through the Day

  1. Hi Lashaan. I am to be the same: the only physical books I own are books I often get back to. They’re mostly nonfiction albeit I own also a physical copy of all the novels that figure into the top 100 of the world literature. Recreational reading is kindle or audio book.

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    1. I used to think I’d never get there, having an uncontrollable fondness for physical books no matter what but since the day I decided to open my world to digital books, whatever genre, it has definitely allowed me to check out those stories that I know won’t be perfect but still fun to check out without being condemned to losing shelf space for them! Thanks for reading, Shaharee.

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  2. Glad to see you work in some lighter stuff.
    While I don’t want a steady diet of that, having it on a regular basis really helps me feel better.

    That Love & Pajama’s one looks interesting.

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  3. Totally agree with your critique of Tea Dragon. It’s such a cute book that I forgave and overlooked its shortcomings, lol. Can’t wait for the third one to come out.

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  4. It’s great to have these sorts of stories when you’re in the mood or just need a short break from all the rest. I can’t tell you how many times I have a reading urge that I can’t fully articulate, when I’m just looking for something short and different from all the rest I’ve been reading. Are these ones you’ve found through the library?

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    1. I find this urge pretty much everywhere (movies, video games, etc.). It’s nice that there are things that you can just enjoy for what they are without overthinking all of its content hahah

      I use Hoopla to gain access to these digital comics. If your library is partnered with Hoopla, you might also have access to it. Every month you have a limited amount of borrows (6 here but I cheat and use my girlfriend’s account too to double my borrows heheh) and you can borrows comics and music albums, which are constantly updated as everything releases.

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    1. I can definitely see you enjoy that collection of webcomics, if you ask me. 😛 You’re definitely right about the ratings on these. I purposefully avoid those that have a chance to be 5 star reads for me. I mostly go after the things I’m less likely to buy a physical copy too (unless it really surprises me).

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  5. So cute!! This selection of digital comic books looks so adorable, Lashaan! I kinda want to check them out for this reason only ahah! I know “In love and pajamas” but had no idea that this was the title! I sometims stumble across one of the comics on social media and they are indeed really cute! Thanks for sharing 😊

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    1. Hahaha that’s exactly what my goal is with these posts, so I’m glad to hear that. 😉 Now you just need to find time to go pick these up to read! 😀 Same for Love & Pajama’s! I think they’re newly collected into this one volume though. Otherwise, they’re probably shared randomly on social media by the creator hahah

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