Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (2020) Video Game Review

Title: Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Release Date: 2020.
Console (played on): PlayStation 5.
Mode(s): Single-Player.
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Developer: Insomniac Games.
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Director(s): Ryan Smith.
Writer(s): Benjamin Arfmann, Kelsey Beachum, Christos N. Gage & Dan Slott.
Music: John Paesano.
Voice Actor(s): Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Travis Willingham, William Salyers, Darin De Paul, Nancy Linari, Stephen Oyoung, Laura Bailey, and many more!

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


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23 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (2020) Video Game Review

  1. Spider-Man – also known as the PS4’s actual good exclusive game (though I heard Ghost of Tsushima and Persona 5 are good too). When you get right down to it, Spider-Man was tailor-made for video games, being powerful enough that he can realistically take on hordes of bad guys, but not powerful enough that he would completely trivialize the challenge like Superman.

    The story is good too – it’s quite a bit darker than how I think most people going into the game would expect. One could argue it’s darker than Arkham Asylum, which this game takes obvious cues from.

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    1. Hahahah your opinion on PS exclusives always makes me smile. 😀 Unfortunately, I am not on your side there and think there are a lot of amazing exclusives that managed to see the light of day during the PS4 era. 😛 I do agree that Spidy is made for video games, just like Batman was with the Arkham games, and I’m glad that Insomniac already had a “schematic” to work with (Sunset Overdrive) so that this Spidy game could work. I’m really looking forward to seeing how innovative they are going to be for the sequel, especially if it’s tailor-made for next-generation gaming.


      1. Well, it’s not really that I think the PS4 was a bad console; it’s just that in terms of exclusives, it doesn’t really outpace the preceding consoles (and even then, most of the good ones from older generations ended up on other platforms anyway such as Persona 4). I find Nintendo’s consoles usually boast the best exclusives of a given generation, but even then, I think we’re way past the point where exclusives can justify their own existence. They were fine (if costly) back in the 1990s when they encouraged creativity between competing developers, but now that the American AAA industry has grown complacent, exclusives have become a rather anti-consumer practice – all of the downsides, with none of the upsides to make up for it.

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        1. Yeh… I’ve been seeing more and more developers talk about the non-profitable practice of exclusives… Which also concords with Sony’s decision to make more of their exclusives accessible on PC (Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.). As a fanboy, I do find it sad that it pretty much waters down the necessity of a console if you can afford a solid PC now. I liked that my purchase of a new-gen PS console would guarantee that I would enjoy games that I couldn’t play anywhere else and that often end up being loved unconditionally. But my more rational side also knows that it’s better for the company to switch their vision to something more multi-platform if they are to be able to produce games and make enough money to continue doing so…

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  2. Always great to see you enjoying a game this much. Do you ever find it jarring moving from video game to comic book to tv show to movie? Or do you feel they mostly flow together well?

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    1. Not at all. They all bring me different kinds of relief, comfort, and entertainment. I also get a dose of each (book, comics, video games, and movies) every day so that I can smoothly progress through everything at a pace that I’m comfortable with. Of course, some days, I end up only doing one or two, for example. It all depends on how the day goes, what plans I have, and how excited I am to do a bit of all of them. And it goes without saying that I go through one movie in one sitting and I don’t get through a movie PER day (not enough hours in a day for that for now).

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  3. It’s such a cool game! I’m no gamer, but this is one of the few games I actually enjoyed watching my husband play 😀
    Great review, as always, Lashaan – it’s clear you love this game a lot 😉

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    1. It’s a lot of fun to swing around like Spidey and to enjoy all the Marvel Easter eggs that fans are bound to spot. Hope your husband gets around to playing Miles Morales if he hasn’t already, and then Spidy 2 whenever that finally gets announced/released! 😀 Thanks for reading, Ola!

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  4. Man, as much as I loved this game and as great as the remaster looks (although the tweaked look for Peter Parker is a bit odd) I’m not sure if I’d pick this up – I’d obviously need a PS5 first – as there are so many other games I want to play through (okay, I do have the Mass Effect Legacy collection but that was a must given I played those when they came out and it’s a saga worth re-experiencing).

    How are you getting on with your PS5 Lashaan? I have to be honest and say I’m leaning towards going Xbox Series X (when you can flaming well get one haha) as I’m put off by the controller drift/controller failure and other hardware issues I’ve heard about with the PS5. I do eventually want a PS5 as well (yeah, greedy haha! But Sony do have the best exclusives) but I may wait until the redesigned version rumoured to be coming out in 2022/2023 if it fixes some of the hardware issues.

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    1. Hahahah I totally understand. I had less issue revisiting this remastered version since I wanted something to binge through in between my first and second playthrough of Miles Morales. And it also helped that it’s been almost 3-4 years since I first played the original game on PS4 so I was quite ready for another full playthrough.

      Glad to hear that you got your hands on the ME legendary edition (I imagine it’s that edition you’re referring to)! I never really got the chance to follow the hype train for it back in the day but that’s easily explained by the fact that I’m 200% a PlayStation fanboy hahahah I vividly remember the console wars back in high school I’d have with others. But once they ported the games to Windows and PlayStation 3, I did consider visiting the games. How was your experience with Andromeda though? I have seen soooooo much backlash for it that I’m curious to hear a fan’s thoughts on it.

      I’m loving the PS5 a lot, my friend (I doubt you’ll ever hear me bad talk Sony though heheh). To quickly cover the matter about controller drifts, I think it was mostly launch-controllers that could have that issue. You might as well get the beautiful black or red controllers to not run into that issue. There was a couple of controller updates that have released since launch too that probably helped there. Some games do have issues that lead the console to freeze or crash but over time, I’m sure these issues will be less and less frequent. I think it’s a wise decision to wait for 2022 or the next model if you’re not too anxious to dive into any of the currently released exclusives on the PS5. I do have to mention that being able to play your PS4 games on the PS5 is a huuuuge plus. The loading time makes alllll the difference. And the fact that some games got patches for an “upgraded edition” of the game for next-gen is a nice bonus, especially for games that you have been hoping to play/replay. The PS collection is also a wonderful free bonus, giving you the chance to play some of the best games to have been released on the PS4 for free on the PS5.

      Anyway, I think I could go on forever about the awesomeness of the PS5 so I’ll just say that I hope you drop that insane idea about getting the Xbox Series X and that you get a PS5 soon enough, my friend, at least once there’s stock! 😀

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      1. Sorry to break it to you man but I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Xbox Series X this weekend and pretty happy so far…I do love Playstation and will eventually get a PS5 but I was always appreciative of both brands tbh. A bit like loving both Marvel and DC – there’s plenty of room for both and each have their own unique appeals!

        Ah, Lashaan, as a man who appreciates fine storytelling you really should check out Mass Effect…the first game is a little dated gameplay wise but the sequels are amazing.

        I actually recently picked up a copy of Andromeda very cheap, I’d always held off because of the backlash but have since heard it’s been improved with patches and worth checking out if you’re a fan…so, fingers crossed!

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          1. Haha, well it’s not actually my first XBox, I bought (and still have) an XBox 360 before I eventually got a PS3 so there’s a prior “offence” on my record!

            A week on an I’m loving it, it’s a great console – I will inevitably join the PS5 crew as well but not for some time (going to take a while to pay this one off haha).

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