My Monthly Anticipation | June 2021

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

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36 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | June 2021

  1. Your June would really be wild!! But you have a lot of things to look forward for!
    And you mentioned a lot of amazing books!! I have just finished The Coward and I have really enjoyed it! And I am a fan of The Greatcoats series 😍 while I have Ninefox Gambit, The Blacktongue Thief and The Shadows of the Gods on my TBR. And, obviously, I am looking forward to all three of them!

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  2. Yikes. Your June is wilder than mine. Ah well I am trying to find my mental balance which was so lost in the second wave of the pandemic. Hoping for a few stable months. Have a great month even with this hectic a schedule

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  3. One of these days I will have to add The Blacktongue Thief to my TBR because I’ve read enthusiastic reviews about it, and having already sampled the author’s horror stories I’m certain I will enjoy his “trip” into fantasy as well. And I need to FINALLY pick up Ninefox Gambit because it’s been sitting in total neglect for far too long. Bad, bad bookworm!! 😀 😀

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  4. I got to watch the pilot episode of Sweet Tooth in a special premiere screening yesterday (wohooo for Netflix letting me get early access) and it was really cute and sad and I think I’ll enjoy the rest of the show. I didn’t, however, read the comics it’s based on.
    Other than that, I’m just beyond pumped for Loki!!!
    Hope your wild June will turn out to be great!!

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    1. I don’t even know how people get those special premiere screenings! Really glad that you got it for Sweet Tooth. I’m convinced they’ll achieve something quite wonderful with the first season at least. Just a couple more hours before Loki premieres!!! 😀 Have a wonderful month of June, Kat!

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      1. I ended up really enjoying the whole season of Sweet Tooth. In their final trailer they released, there was a website to visit specifically for the show at the end and that’s where you could sign up for the screening haha it really wasn’t that exclusive, I think.
        I’M SITTING ON NEEDLES FOR LOKI TO FINALLY START! For me it’s less than two hours right now.

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  5. Woot woot what a crazy month this is gonna be for you, my friend! And so many good books to look forward too! Hats off to you for being able to manage all these and even squeeze in time for gym! *APplause* All the best to you, Lashaan! Have you gotten your vaccination yet, btw? So glad that things are gradually turning back to almost-normal over there 🙂

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  6. All 3 of your to be read books are ones I’d love to read, and hope to one day. I hope you enjoy the training week, and all the other weeks for that matter. 🙂 It’s nice when we can have that feeling of being productively busy without getting overwhelmed. I hope you find a balance that works perfectly for you this month, Lashaan, and look forward to hearing how it went come the end of the month.

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  7. Lol! I intend to watch the new Fast & Furious movie for the same reason.
    And I want to watch the new Conjuring movie, but I’m trying to find someone to watch it with first. I love horror but possession movies and such really scare me. Laughter helps, so it’s better to watch with someone and laugh about being scared.
    Hope you’re able to juggle all the things in June/July.

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    1. I’d have a tough time imagining anyone thinking the new F&F movies represent street racing today hahaha I just remember telling myself that I couldn’t wait for them to go on the moon with their cars next. Looks like they’ll achieve something close enough. 😛
      Hahahaha I have a friend who giggles really loudly when we go watch horror movies. It just does make it so much more hilarious in the end!
      Hope you’re having an excellent month of June so far yourself! 😀

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  8. Good luck for this month (which is already half gone), Lashaan! It’s great because your monthly anticipation is basically where I learn that new series or movies are going to be out ahah 😁

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  9. If you read different things at the same time, how do you decided when to put one down and pick up the next?

    Vacation? That’s awesome! I hope you had time to rest and do some of the things you haven’t been able to do in a while.

    The movie releases definitely seem intriguing to me. It could go either way…

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    1. The way I read books is a bit more… robotic. I have a quota to reach every day (number of pages) of each book until “review day”. It helps create a routine and makes it more certain that I actually finish books too. I rarely ever go beyond the quota because of how many other things I also do. 😛 But when it comes to comics, I guess it often depends on the format and my mood. 😀

      The work trip was quite reinvigorating in its own way, taking me out of my city routine to refocus myself. But I haven’t had a real vacation in a while… At least pre-pandemic… 😛

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