DCeased: Dead Planet by Tom Taylor

Title: DCeased: Dead Planet.
Writer(s): Tom Taylor.
Penciler(s): Trevor Hairsine.
Inker(s): Gigi Baldassini, Stefano Gaudiano & Tom Derenick.
Colourist(s): Rain Beredo.
Letterer(s): Saida Temofonte.
PublisherDC Comics.

: Hardcover.
Release Date: April 27th 2021.
Pages: 208.
Genre(s): Comics, Horror.
ISBN13: 9781779507952.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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20 thoughts on “DCeased: Dead Planet by Tom Taylor

  1. Zombies!! 😀
    Superheroes AND zombies 😀
    I gotta check this out. Did you review the first one on here? I may need to get this. I hope they make a movie. Would love to see how zombie superheroes play out.

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    1. Hahahah a fun combination, isn’t it? Yes, I did review the first one and I’d definitely recommend it too. It’s pretty insane and awesome. It could’ve been a stand-alone too! The day they finally make the live-action zombie-apocalypse of Marvel or DC would indeed be mind-blowing! The closest thing we got though is Brightburn with a twist to Superman’s origin story (it’s not an official DC movie but it’s clear that its idea is based on Superman). 😀

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  2. I thought this cover looked pretty good, but then I went back to your review of the first one and now I understand your comments about that. This is a great cover, but in a very different vein from the first, which was much more shocking and in your face. I wonder how long they’ll keep moving this storyline forward. It is an interesting change of pace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, it’s not a bad cover at all but man, it would’ve been cooler if they had, I don’t know, Superman’s zombified version on this sequel. I have the impression they’ll milk this concept as long as possible though. It’s fun, it’s insane, and it can go in any direction. 😀 Thank you for reading, Todd!


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