Blade of the Immortal (Vol. 2) by Hiroaki Samura

Title: Blade of the Immortal.
Volume: 2.
Writer(s)Hiroaki Samura.
Illustrator(s)HIROAKI SAMURA.
Translator(s): Dana Lewis & Toren Smith.
Letterer(s): Tomoko Saito.
PublisherBlack Horse Manga.
Format: Hardcover – Deluxe Edition.
Release Date: February 23rd 2021.
Pages: 536.
Genre(s): Comics, Fantasy, Historical Fiction.
ISBN13: 9781506721002.
My Overall Rating: 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Previously in the Blade of the Immortal Manga:
Blade of the Immortal (Vol. 1) by Hiroaki Samura.


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21 thoughts on “Blade of the Immortal (Vol. 2) by Hiroaki Samura

  1. Love that hardcover edition, looks great! As for the content, looks definitely interesting, but it seems to me to be something for the right mood. Great review, Lashaan!

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  2. Awesome, glad to hear the series continues to deliver. Definitely still one I’d love to read one day. When you’ve collected them all it’ll make quite an impressive addition to your book shelves. 🙂

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  3. Funnily enough I recently just started watching the Amazon anime series that adapts these manga – which I guess you haven’t watched since you’re making your way though the manga volumes?

    As with Invincible, I highly recommend it and based on your review I think I’ll be checking out the manga when I finish the anime series (that art is fantastic, gladly the anime adopts the same sort of style) – great stuff Lashaan, I think I missed your review of volume 1 so will check that out now!

    P.S. Tangent alert! Have you seen Batman: The Long Halloween Part One yet? It’s ACE. Warners/DC are knocking it out of the park with this new line of DC animated films, Superman: Man of Tomorrow was really good, Justice Society: World War II was flippin’ great and now this…I am HAPPY.

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    1. Yep. I have a great who finished watching the Amazon anime adaptation and mentioned that it was pretty cool. Like Invincible, I’ll probably save them up for after I finish through the source material but I’m glad to hear how it has caught your attention though!

      I’m a bit ashamed to not have gotten through any of those but I’m extremely happy to hear your quick thoughts on them (where are them exquisite review at, sir???) 😀 I definitely got them queued up for viewing though and am convinced that they’ll be pretty good! 😀

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