100 Bullets Omnibus (Vol. 1) by Brian Azzarello

Title: 100 Bullets Omnibus (Vol. 1).
Writer(s): Brian Azzarello.
Artist(s): Eduardo Risso.
Colourist(s): Patricia Mulvihill & Grant Goleash.
Letterer(s): Clem Robbins.
PublisherDC Comics.

: Hardcover – Omnibus.
Release Date: March 5th 2021.
Pages: 1376.
Genre(s): Comics, Mystery.
ISBN13: 9781779507426.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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23 thoughts on “100 Bullets Omnibus (Vol. 1) by Brian Azzarello

  1. Oooph. I am of two very different minds about this. On one hand, this sounds absolutely intriguing. Vigilante Justice when the Law has either let you down or been corrupted is a theme I like reading about.
    On the other hand, claiming that violence without consequences is possible makes me shudder. That is a horrible idea and leads down paths better left unexplored.

    The artwork was ok, not offputting like some of the stuff you’ve showcased before 🙂

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    1. And there’s plenty of that here (vigilante justice/vengeance/retribution)! And your second comment is exactly why many end up abandoning this series, I think. It’s a very horrifying concept but it’s up to the reader to position themselves in regards to these characters’ decisions.

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  2. Great job describing this one, Lashaan, especially highlighting the morality plays. And commenting on Bookstooges thoughts about violence without consequences, I agree with that but as I’ve read this I think they’ve done a good job showing there are always consqeunces of some sort, just not ones the characters might have thought enough about beforehand. They bring back characters who took the offer and thought there’d be no consequences, but we get to see what their life has become after making the choices. And thankfully there are also those who choose not to take the offer, so they show both sides. So far I’ve been willing to suspend my disbelief at the idea of it even being possible there’d be no legal consequences, just moral and psychological, but I’m hoping they delve a little further into how that’s possible in their world, how the organizations we slowly get glimpses of maybe have their fingers into other parts of society. And I do love how they’ve slowly weaved in larger story elements showing there is something bigger out there, and perhaps even something bigger beyond that. But I’ve still got a long ways to go before I get to the end of this story. I’ve bought it slowly over the years starting with the original much smaller storyarc collections and now grabbing the rest as larger collections but not the huge omnibus. I think I’m up to issue 37 next, so you’re a bit ahead of me. Glad to see you’re enjoying it. I’ve had similar feelings, very much enjoying it. And the artwork was absolutely an acquired taste for me. It wasn’t completely offputting, as Bookstooge said, but it also didn’t appeal to me in the beginning. But now I find I enjoy it, and I’m always looking for those small details they sometimes put into the panels that hint at different things related to the story. I can’t wait to see how this entire story ends at issue 100, though I’ve been taking my time getting there. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Todd! I agree with you there. They do a brilliant job in showing us that the consequences take so many different forms and often things that people who are in the middle of this quest for vengeance don’t think about at all. And the different characters from different backgrounds really give us things to reflect about, an opportunity to relativize it to our own lives. The premise is indeed tough to swallow without asking a couple of questions but I find it truly fascinating in itself. Sort of like how someone is convinced that they must exact revenge and believe that there’s no way they’ll get caught. I do have to admit that this series might have been rougher on people who bought these as each issue came out. Especially when it started off episodic. This is definitely one of those series, upon reread, might actually reveal even more than you’d think too, and I love that! Looking forward to exchanging notes as you/we progress through this. Then again, I’ll probably wait till the 2nd omnibus comes out to finish the series hahah Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, Todd! Always love discussing things with you, my friend!

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  3. Hmmm hmmm… I’m of two minds here. Azzarello is burned for me after that Rorschach/Comedian travesty. But the premise sounds intriguing and if the author can actually string two independent thoughts about morality together this might be worth my while… 😉 Great review, Lashaan!

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  4. I saw this on Comixology and was toying with the idea of getting it. I was a little turned off by the premise but your review and Todd’s comment have me reconsidering.

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    1. Really glad to hear your interest in it now! I’d recommend testing the first volume while keeping in mind that the series starts off more episodic but evolves later on to reveal a more interconnected story. Everything will come down to how intrigued you are by the mystery and how much you enjoy the gritty exploration of morality. 😛

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  5. I like the theme of this series- the morality angle could be very intriguing to read and think on afterward. I will have to check the first volumes out based off your review!

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