Somewhere: Stories of Migration by Women From Around the World

This book is an inspiring collection that takes you to different paths, different lives of women who had struggled through immigration, wars, political conflicts, corruption, and many more. It’s the stories about people who have left their home behind, to trying to truly integrate into foreign societies, with different structures and norms. During these retellings, you can feel a sense of realization that these journeys were necessary, were crucial to lead them to a new meaningful life and what they do contribute back to their roots. It’s admirable and brave, very eye-opening and yet very relatable. For a child of immigrant like me, reading those stories rekindled my tender memories of my first time taking the plane to leave my country without really knowing what it means.

(c) Trang Tran

One of my favourite stories is from Melissa Meza-Rapp on her journey from Colombia- Venezuela to USA. It’s in the style of her prose that completely intrigued me :

“I wanted to believe that decades of speaking a new language and learning new customs would have no impact on the core of who I was, that the identity my former home afforded me would remain there, untouched.”

This sentence alone says a lot about the mindset of wanting to preserve what’s rest of our roots but also scared that the identity we built throughout foreign cultures will deminish our former identity. It’s something that I’ve grown up to accept but it wasn’t always easy. There’s one side that pulls you to come back to being a genuine Vietnamese. The sense of belonging sometimes feel superficial, but at the same time I had to forgive that parts of me change, parts of me would not agree with the former traditions nor teachings from my Vietnamese roots and that’s okay.

It was honestly a quick read but very inspiring and would definitely recommend it to everybody if you’re looking for some moving yet educational stories from empowering women all around the world.

Thank you to Touchwood Editions for the copy for review!

(c) Trang Tran

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