My Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2021

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

The month has come to an end and it’s time to do a quick wrap-up of what has been done.

Reading Breakdown.

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28 thoughts on “My Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2021

  1. There really are more cheerful reasons to visit Toronto, but I hope you are doing alright despite your busy schedule. I’m glad you can see the potential of this busy time in helping you come to realizations about yourself, but I also hope you get enough downtime to relax and process. ❤ Happy August!

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    1. Yep. I’ve been there a bunch of times throughout my life, living just beside it helps hahah Thank you for your kind words, Kat! I hope the same for you. Hopefully, we both get some peaceful periods in the upcoming weeks before Fall comes knocking at our doors! 😀

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  2. Busy month indeed! I wish you happier occasions to connect with your family – maybe some weddings instead?🙂

    I started reading Naruto – promising, but highly derivative of DB, at least in the beginning 😉 That said, I already have a favorite! 😁

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  3. Good on you to stay so busy, Lashaan.

    Oh my Goodness, Casablanca is such a good film. All the characters and the wonderful actors that portray them are so endearing. Despite the grim nature of the content, there is always an underlining bit of humor that plays along with it. I think I’ll re-watch it.

    Happy Trails!

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    1. Oops, underlying, not underlining. 😦

      The film was rushed into an early release in November, 1942 because the United States had just commenced ‘Operation Torch’, the three pronged invasion of Vichy French North Africa. … Timing is everything, you know.


  4. These massively busy and stressful times really do help us better appreciate that down time when it comes. Granted, I wish there were other ways to let us better appreciate it, but as you said, it is what it is. Glad to see you enjoyed Casablanca. It was so very long ago I watched it I only remember little snippets, and didn’t even remember the general plotline. Not sure I’m intereseted in a rewatch yet, but again, glad to see you enjoyed it. 13 movies in a month?!?! Wow! I’m about halfway through the 100 Bullets volume 3 that I have, which when finished should catch me up to where you are at the end of this mammoth first volume.

    I hope you have a great month, Lashaan. And that you can get in at least a little downtime.

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    1. It’s like back when I first got a full-time job: reaching the weekend always seemed like pure happiness! I went into the movie having no idea of the general plotline too. I just associated the name to men who are able to get plenty of women easily, a bunch of romantics or something. Really was surprised by how much more there was to the movie than that pop culture reference hahaah I usually always reach around 15-20 a month for a couple of years now. I cut down on TV shows just to make more room for movies. Wouldn’t surprise anyone that I consider myself a cinephile hahah Glad to hear about your progression into 100 Bullets! I need a second omnibus ASAP hahaha Have a fantastic month of August too, Todd. I’m sure you’ll surprise us with some really fascinating adventures. 😉


  5. Dude, me too! I’m hoping for a real chill vacation with just me and my books and sweet sunshine, not this brutal sun that be scorching me every time I put a toe outside.

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