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Sometimes the most horrifying things in life isn’t under our beds or hidden away in our wardrobes: they lie within ourselves. As much as we’d like to be safe from these horrors, the mind can play tricks beyond our control and sometimes there’s just no room for rationality. Since October is a month known for all of its spookiness, here’s a couple of digital comic books that I checked out in the past months!

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25 thoughts on “Digital Mini Reviews | When Horror Comes From Within

  1. The horror from within is my personal fave, being really into paranormal!

    Ouh I quite like the mechanism behind infidel; though I can’t quite forget it means « unfaithful » in french 😬🤣 … And the white monster looks so familiar to the Ocarina of Time monster from the bottom of the well (dead hand)

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  2. Interesting mix and all appropriate for the season. The artwork for Infidel looks killer. I just finished listening to the audiobook version of Joe Hill’s collection of novellas, Strange Weather, so I think I need a little break before trying anything else by him. I like the idea of the supernatural element to Kill or be Killed, that can be fun. I like the description of Bog Bodies, so too bad it didn’t go quite as far as it could have. And though not as drawn to Blue in Green, I am still curious about it.

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    1. Ahhh that’s pretty cool! I wanted to read that one back when it was first released but I got carried away but other releases. I can only highly recommend Kill or Be Killed (anything by Brubaker is usually a very good choice anyway). Funny thing about Blue in Green is that it reminded me so much of David Mack’s own artwork but even more chaotic. I would’ve been curious to hear your thoughts on the artwork in that one, to be honest. 😉


    1. Thanks, man. By the way, I desperately and vainly tried to leave comments on your reviews but your blog doesn’t seem to accept my comments (something about accepting a policy error????). Just going to mention that I saw Dune and, as expected, it turned out to be the masterpiece I knew my boy Denis would deliver!


  3. I didn’t know there was a supernatural bit to Kill or Be Killed. I want to read that one.
    And I recently bought Blue in Green. That sucks that it suffers from confusing narrative and uneven pace. I got it because the illustrations interested me.

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