Supergirl (1984) Movie Review

Title: Supergirl.
Rated: PG.
Director: Jeannot Szwarc.
Screenplay by: David Odell.
Release Date: 1984.
Runtime:  124 min.
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi.
Cast: Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O’Toole, Mia Farrow, Brenda Vaccaro, and many more!
Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated).
Opening Weekend (US & Canada): $5,738,249.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Within the Christopher Reeve’s Superman saga:
Superman Extended TV Cut (1978).
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006).
Superman III (1983).
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987).


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35 thoughts on “Supergirl (1984) Movie Review

  1. I’ve never seen this movie but I do remember reading the “book” WITH MOVIE PICTURES (and yes, that actually in caps on the cover) that was an abridged version. Even my young self could tell this was an abomination, so I was never tempted to try it. And after Superman IV I just didn’t have the heart to even try just to complete the cycle.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a half-star from you before. Is this the first one?

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    1. I don’t know how you do it with movies-turned-into-books. In this case, though, I think reading it without ever having seen the movie would have actually made it better in some ways hahaha As a completionist, I wouldn’t even want to wish it upon any other completionist to check Supergirl (1984) out. I mean… sure… I did survive Catwoman, which was the only other DC-related movie that got half a star from me.

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      1. Ahhh, so catwomen got a 1/2star too? Funny that both are spinoffs of DC’s biggest franchises 😉

        At some point I am sure I will watch Supergirl, but I don’t know when that tipping point will be. Maybe next year, hahahahaa.

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        1. Yep… They’re both blasphemous in their own way… Steel and Jonah Hex got one stars for now too. There’s still a couple more movies I need to rewatch and review but at some point I’ll probably do a recap on my thoughts on these DC movies (so far) before tackling Marvel property.

          Oh my goodness, I’d pay for a live commentary of your Supergirl viewing hahahahah

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          1. Hex WAS pretty bad. But I didn’t know a thing about the comics so the movie didn’t slap me across the face. Steel is one I “want” to watch but with all Superman mythos taken away, I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

            Ryders of Skaith (a blogger I follow) does these movie reviews where she records the reactions of those who are watching it with her. I almost wish I had someone who could do that for me, then you’d get your wish 😀

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  2. This movie had a number of ingredients that could have made for a great movie. Helen Slater could have been a good Supergirl if she had anything to work with. Faye Dunaway and Peter O’Toole were both brilliant, but the writing and directing behind their characters is disastrous. Giving Supergirl a magical villain is a great idea, since they are no less venerable to magic as anyone else. It’s not technically a weakness like Kryptonite, but they’re not immune to it by any means. The movie even gives us the first on-screen glimpse of the Phantom Zone.

    The problem is that this movie is a number of different ideas jumbled into one, with incomplete special effects (the monster Supergirl fought was not supposed to be invisible. The story features way too many coincidences to be believable, Supergirl seems to keep forgetting about the plot device. In the climax, Supergirl forgets she can fly. There isn’t really any kind of conclusion. The movie just ends. And of course the big inspirational speech by O’Toole’s character is just two words – “you can”.

    I don’t blame Christopher Reeve for cancelling his in-person cameo.

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    1. That’s it. It’s a huge melting pot of ideas that go in all sorts of direction and they all come with their fair share of plot holes. Just take the whole Phantom Zone sequence. How on earth did that witch even know or have a book about it, especially under that name! And for Supergirl to land there one way and exit another???? Anyway, the movie made no sense 95% of the time hahahah

      That’s an interesting detail about the invisible monster. It’s so weird that they can greenlight something like this back in the day. And same, I’m glad Christopher Reeve didn’t find himself in this one. Especially when he was on his own downward slope with Superman III and IV.


  3. Is this your lowest rating so far? You’ve really piqued my interest for that possibility alone! 🙂 After watching the preview I honestly can’t remember if I ever watched this. If I did I guess that says it all, eh? Completely forgotten. And what a cast! Amazing none of them saw enough issues with the script to reject it, or perhaps the paycheck was just too good. Where do you go from here? How long is your list of movies to be watched? And are you finished with all the “Super” ones yet? 🙂

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    1. To be fair, the half star system was introduced to WordPress a bit late but, then again, thinking back to all the DC-based movies, I think this and Catwoman are tied at half a star. Jonah Hex and Steel are tied at one star. And, if I had to rewatch those two, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d take off another half star. 😉 And yes, I think money was probably one of the main reasons they’d even embark on such an ugly project. Another reason would be to rise the Super-hype produced by the previous Superman movies…

      Yep. I’m done with all the official Super movies. I have 6 more DC movies to get through, 2 of them about an ugly green monster and 4 with the pointy caped crusader. 😉 Since I only do one of them per month, there are also unreleased DC movies that I look forward to reviewing, including my most anticipated movie of 2022, The Batman!!!!! 😀


  4. Oh my goodness Lashaan half a star, you’re being too generous! Even the voice artist sounded bored in that trailer! 😂 You’re right about the special effects and the terrible acting too! Did you notice how Supergirl showed off her thigh as she was flying, really cringey!. This one should definitely be left in the vaults never to be showed again! 😂

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    1. Hahah! I don’t think I could give 0 stars to something that I, myself, DECIDED to watch. 😛 But you’re right. I’m glad the trailer conveys how terrible it is. As for the whole thigh thing, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a scene in the movie, when Supergirl first arrives on Earth, where two disgusting men attempt to assault/rape her (they obviously fail). This movie really shouldn’t exist…

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  5. Wow! I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen you give such a low rating.
    I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen this movie, but I can’t. I’m must have, though, since it came out so long ago.

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      1. My bad. I saw “Hahahaahh I went straight into the movie without the trailer.” and read ” I went (…) into the movies” as in a theater.

        P.S. I like how you edited your blog link that pops up when I read your comment in the notification panel (it takes to your corner and not to the page’s home).

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  6. I remember always thinking that this film really needed a better villain. The witch wasn’t enough for physical fights and so the movie felt like it dragged a bit and ended up being too underwhelming. I’m sure whatever Supergirl film comes next will be way better

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