My Monthly Wrap-Up | October 2021

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

The month has come to an end and it’s time to do a quick wrap-up of what has been done.

Reading Breakdown.

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40 thoughts on “My Monthly Wrap-Up | October 2021

  1. So glad to hear you loved Dune, too! I’m heading to the theater to see it for the second time in about an hour. I can’t wait! Villeneuve was the perfect director for this. His sense of space and scale was just right. I will definitely be fangirling about it later this week.

    I hope your leg starts getting better sooner rather than later! It’s not easy for a leg muscle to heal, given that you have to keep walking around on it…

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    1. Happy re-viewing, Kim! Knowing how big of a fan you are as well makes me happy that can both exclaim in glee at how wonderful it was. He nailed every little detail and honoured us hardcore fans with this movie. I’m glad he wanted to do it in two-part too. It is absolutely justified! In his hands, everything is wonderful ahahah

      Thanks for your kind words. Stay safe and awesome, Kim!


  2. Oooph, sorry to hear about your calf. I hope you’re taking some magnesium to help the muscles recover faster.

    Life is controlled chaos, that’s a good lesson to learn. The problem is remembering that lesson, hahahaha 😀

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      1. or giving yourself the runs. That’s what softeners are after all. I don’t know if you ever had the Philips milk of Magnesium ads up there, but man, those actors must have been paid a lot.


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  3. I plan to watch Dune soon. Most peeps I know who’ve seen it have enjoyed it.
    And the Percy Jackson books are great for when you need a breather or something light and quick.
    Yikes! Pulled your calf! Oh man! I’m sorry that happened. Hope the rehab helps and you get back to playing basketball again.

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    1. I’m convinced you’ll appreciate the world-building in the movie and that you’ll find yourself amazed by the beauty of the universe and the complexity of the whole prophecy at work! Hope you have a blast when you get around to it.

      That’s exactly what I’m looking for in that Percy Jackson read. I look forward to finding out. 😛

      Thanks for your kind words, Zezee! Stay safe and awesome! 😀


  4. Sorry to hear about your calf, I hope you’ll feel better soon, Lashaan!
    As for Kaijuu no 8, I’m with you on that one! It’s a great shonen, and I’m looking forward to next chapters!

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  5. Ooof, I had a leg injury earlier this summer, they’re no joke! Rest up! Just saw Dune last night, and loved how much you got to sink into this sci-fi world. They just completely went for it in terms of design and production, looking forward to the sequel!

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  6. Ooooh, I’ve only read the first book in the Percy Jackson series, but I remember it being a lot of fun! I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀
    That injury sounds painful. Sometimes we just get really unlucky with a movement. I’m glad it’s better by now and that you could spend some nice days with your girlfriend’s family!

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    1. I’ve always seen it as one of those huge (but not lengthy) series that everyone loves like Harry Potter (despite the recent Rowling fiasco) but I never took the time to dive into the universe hahah I look forward to discovering it now! Thank you for your kind words, Kat! Hope you’ve been doing well lately and have fun plans for November! 😀

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      1. Well, I haven’t read the Harry Potter books either, but I get the comparison! I also think that your timing is great with the upcoming Disney+ Percy Jackson series 🙂
        Thank you! No special plans, but I am trying to participate in NaNoWriMo again. We shall see if I abandon it after a couple days haha

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  7. Sorry to hear about your injury… and totally in agreement about the wonderfulness of the Dune movie, pity we’ll have to wait for two years for the next part… but I hope it will be a start of a new franchise!

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  8. I hope your leg is healed now. Thankfully I never had muscle injury but I have seen how much pain it can cause through others who were unfortunate to experience it. Have a great November and I hope you come across amazing movies probability of which is much better after that Supergirl.

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    1. It’s a lot better but definitely not intense-sport ready. I had friends go through even worse injuries, requiring surgery and all. I’m just grateful it didn’t go there! Hope you also have a calm and enjoyable month, Yesha! And yes, I’m convinced I’ll watch better things than Supergirl (1984) in the coming month hahah

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  9. Whoa, sorry to hear about the pulled muscle, that’s never fun. I hope it heals quickly and you get back out there doing things again. Staying active when younger pays huge dividends later. And I’m glad to hear about the visit from your girlfriend’s family. It’s really fun sometimes re-experiencing something you’re already familiar with through someone else’s eyes. Sounds like this month taught, or reminded you, that though planning is great you always have to make room for the unexpected because at some point it’s going to sneak in whether invited or not. I do hope November is a bit smoother for you. 🙂

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    1. I’m still healing, probably closer to returning to my old shape (where I don’t feel any pain anymore) but will continue to focus on rehab exercises before jumping right back into “extreme” activity.

      Tell me about it. I find it so funny that there are things that Europeans don’t know or have at all and that those very things seem soooo mundane to us. Like Pop-Tarts… You bet I laughed at how small and simple of a difference it is hahahah

      So far, the month has been pretty hectic but since last weekend, my girlfriend’s family went back home, so I should finally be able to get back to my usual routine. I hope you’ve been having a smooth November so far as well, my friend!

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  10. I’m glad is healing up Lashaan as that sounds really nasty! Hope you’ll be back playing basketball again really soon! Good news that you really enjoyed Dune as I’ve seen mixed reviews for it. My son is off to see The Eternals at the weekend so I’ll be very interested to see want he thinks of that.

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    1. Thanks, Nicki! I do hope that calf of mine won’t have any more surprises for me for a while now. I can only scream with all my lungs at how much I loved Dune. It is basically the Lord of the Rings for science-fiction, in my books! Hope your son enjoyed Eternals. I saw it yesterday but I can’t say that I have too much praise for what they delivered in the end hahah The post-credit scenes were awesome though! 😀


    1. It’s really amazing. It makes me realize how awesome life is, how relative everything little thing is. But because of how life also keeps us busy on a daily basis, we sometimes also don’t make an effort to do just that, explore our own country and see what it has to offer hahah

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re having a wonderful month so far. 😀

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  11. Looks like I might have to give Dune a go at some point then…
    I’m sorry to hear that you pulled a muscle. Old age is no joke. However, I felt kind of relieved to know that you, too, are only human. I doubted that in the past with all the things you accomplish on a regular basis.

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    1. For sure. As long as you watch it knowing that it is Part One and it focuses on world-building and establishing a core prophecy that will guide the protagonist in his journey. 😉 For me, it is basically the Lord of the Rings of science-fiction (waaaaaaaaaaay better than Star Wars nowadays too).

      Hey! I ain’t old. 😀 It just so happens that I went faster than what humans should be able to do and got a calf injury as a consequence. 😀


  12. Oh what a (painful) reminder that I still haven’t seen Dune and that I haven’t been to the cinema in ages… 😅 I’m sorry to hear about your injury! I didn’t know about it and I hope you’ll get to play basketball again quite soon! I compltely relate to the motivation of sorting your life out between different hobbies and obligations and then life always getting in the way 😭 It was great to see you again in Montreal and making you realise how amazing your supermarkets are 😂 Have a great November!

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    1. I can only hiiiiiighly recommend that masterpiece. It is worth every euro to check it out in theaters too. And to emphasize how great it is, I would dare say that it is basically the Lord of the Rings of science-fiction too. You just have to check it out. 😀

      Hah! I actually healed up by the time you came here but was still in a recovery/rehab phase. Thanks though! I look forward to putting that injury experience behind me now.

      Right? You’d think that you can organize everything in detail until you realize that sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

      It was awesome to see you again too! It’s always so much fun to experience all the great things we got here through the eyes of people who have actually no access to those very things hahaha I look forward to being the one to discover your corner of the world soon too. I already expect to eat fries pretty much every day. 😛

      Have a fantastic month of November too, Juliette!

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