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You’d imagine that kids can’t be heroes in a world filled with adults, individuals who have gained countless more years of experience, countless opportunities to face obstacles and overcome them. But you’re wrong! Kids can be heroes too. Kids can impress themselves through heroic feats that they never knew they were capable of.

This feature, published at an undetermined frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, who knows), will present a couple of mini reviews on anything that isn’t in a physical format that I own (ebooks, comic books, TV series or movies).

Click on the covers to be redirected to their Goodreads/IMDB page!
Anything presented in this feature doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t get a full-review treatment in the future. That will entirely depend on how much I loved it, how interested you are in hearing more on it, and how much I have to still say about it! 🤣

To find out more about my thoughts, you can visit me over on my blog here:

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13 thoughts on “Digital Mini Reviews | Even Kids Can Be Heroes

  1. I have not read any of these, but I like that they are all starring kids who do good and interesting things. I have to say I am partial to Bear, I love dogs and a service dog grabs me. I hope it has a happy ending, Lashaan.

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