Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered (2015) Video Game Review

Title: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Release date: 2015.
Console (player on): PlayStation 5.
Console (also available on): PlayStation 3 & 4.
Mode(s): Single-Player.
Genre(s): Action, Adventure.
Developer: Bluepoint Games.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment.
Director(s): Amy Hennig.
Designer(s): Richard Lemarchand.
Programmer(s): Pål-Kristian Engstad, Dan Liebgold & Travis McIntosh.
Artist(s): Bob Rafei & Bruce Straley.
Writer(s): Amy Hennig, Neil Druckmann & Josh Scherr.
Composer(s): Greg Edmonson.
Voice Actor(s): Nolan North, Emily Rose, Richard McGonagle, Simon Templeman, Robin Atkin Doiwnes, James Sie, and many more!
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


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17 thoughts on “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered (2015) Video Game Review

  1. Every time you write up one of these long video game posts I think to myself “hmmm, maybe I should play videogames”. Then reality sets in 😉

    Was the remastering just updating the graphics for higher resolution? Or did they add stuff to the game to make it a new one?

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  2. I love when video games take advantage of the formats great potential for storytelling, especially because of it’s special ability to make that storytelling interactive. That’s what I always loved about role playing games, how the players contributed to the telling of the story. So you looking forward to the movie? 🙂

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    1. Actually, I dreaded the movie. My best bud and I went to see the premiere of the movie because we are huge fans of the games while knowing that there was a good chance that the movie wouldn’t live up to our expectations… Result was catastrophic. It was a horrible adaptation. We were mostly laughing out of despair at everything they got wrong hahah


  3. I actually played Uncharted 2 before the first Uncharted. Even with all the major improvements the second one made, I still very much enjoyed the original. It’s got a compelling story, it’s got a good game play foundation that Uncharted 2 and 4 both made noticeable improvements on, and it’s short, but still long enough.

    Every now and then I consider replaying it.

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    1. It’s been years since I replayed it and thought going through them now would be nice and it sure is! I recently finished replaying U2 and loved it as much as I did back then and yes! It was revolutionary on all fronts but U1 was still decent for what it had to offer.


    1. Games are wonderful. That I can assure you. I saw the movie premiere the other day. It was as bad as I thought it would be. They failed to capture the heart and soul of the games. However, it still succeeded in the box office and it’s probably mostly due to the fact that the movie rode on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man hype and fame… Don’t be surprised if they make a sequel despite it being awful and cheesy…

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  4. I think the original Uncharted was a decent game for its time, but I find Uncharted 2 provided a more sophisticated experience overall to the point where I don’t think the original has held up especially well. The ideas are there, but the team wouldn’t make magic with them until the follow-up.

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  5. I hadn’t heard of this game until quite recently when I heard about the movie ahah. Reading your description it does sound like something I would like though! I saw the movie trailer at the cinema the other day and it sparked my interest! I am always quite curious when a videogame is adapted into a movie, though it must be even more interesting when you have actually played the game (which leaves me with very limited options, and I don’t think they would make a Locoroco or Sims movie 😂 I think Skyrim is my best bet!) Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Actually, movie adaptations of video games are dreaded by fans because of how they mostly fail. Uncharted is one of those cases for me. I had a bad feeling about it and when I saw the movie, I was not surprised by how bad I found it, especially compared to the original games! 😛 You gotta be careful about what you wish for. A Skyrim adaptation might sound awesome, visually spectacular… But in the wrong hands, it might end up being everything you don’t want hahaahh 😛 Thanks for reading, Juliette!

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