Hush #1 was a great experience to me, the magic system Farrow has created is quite original. It’s propably one of the biggest nightmares of any reader, that words have a power and ink has a negative impact. Veil picked up right after Hush left off, where Shae and her friends are on the run and hoping to make their way to Gondal.

(c) Trang Tran

The first thing I remembered when I read Hush was that Dylan Farrow is a good writer. No matter how I approach a book, a good writer to me is someone who can put into words by being entertaining and she did just that. In this one, the same prose hooked me up right away, however that was not sufficient to land the whole novel. The characters development is lacking especially on Shae the main character, as a second book, I would expect her to gradually evolve. The side characters are very one dimensional and stereotypical. However, the whole prose saved this book in a sense where it is still fast-paced, packed with adventures and enough twists to keep me guessing. The one thing I like, however, is that the author didn’t try to go for a romantic angle with Shae and Ravod. Sometimes, you got to know when to start a romance and when to stop it and the author makes the right call with this one because the story is supposed to be centered around Shae and her powers.

In the end of this series, it encourages me to go and read about Dylan Farrow’s life and I can see the parallel and the message she wants to put out there. Words have power and your actions determine what you do in your life. It’s not about words OR actions it’s about both, and Dylan Farrow builds such a good world to demonstrate the different power dynamics in place. Overall, it’s a good book to end the duology but I’m sure Dylan Forrow’s next books will be even better.


Thank you to Raincoast Canada for sending me the advance copy to review!

Review by Trang T.

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