If I Speak True by Jessica L.Brooks

MY RATING : ★★☆ (3,7)

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What’s the story about? 

Dahlia, waking up to her sixteenth birthday, her jaw dropped when seh sees a dahlia in front of the door of her house. It’s kind of creepy because she sees this dahlia every other birthday and everytime it pops out of nowhere.163833-blooming-dahlia

After that day, she’s having the same dream she had years after years of this place called Ambrosia. However, this year, a mystery guy suddenly appears in that place with her. As the days gone by, they are seeing each other in the dreams and their connections will grow stronger and get attached. Unfortunately, Dahlia doesn’t know the dark secrets behind Ambrosia.. tumblr_inline_ndnga2hfns1si96n3

My thoughts 

I was hooked from the first page ! I think Dahlia’s character is amazing, a really down to earth representation of the teens nowadays and even I can relate and I’m not a teen anymore haha. She’s suffering from lack of sleep and the author doesn’t hesitate to describe how crappy she looks. Most honest descriptions I’ve ever read hahaa.


I connected with the main character on so many levels ! The writing is entertaining with a perfect sense of humour worth your attention. Also, her chemistry with mystery guy is well built-up too. It was slow and adequately developped (not rush into a love at first sight delusion). The story arc is good not impressive but engaging enough to keep me amused. There’s a sequel so I can’t wait to find out more about it !

tumblr_nr6xdlan5j1qj4315o1_500One thing I didn’t like is the part where Dahlia has a big crush for a rich boy and she pratically stalked him. Not the kind of social media stalking. But the kind of physciallstalking. She’s following him around and knows his exact schedule LOL I  thought that was a little bit too much and may be stereotypical.

That’s it for today 😀 Big Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of the book for free! She also sent us a few goodies with the book and I thought it was sweet ❤ !! Thank you so much!

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