The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne


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THIS BOOK SLAYS. SLAYS ME EMOTIONNALLY. INTERNALLY. One those UNFORGETTABLE reading experience. I don’t even know where to begin. This book left me in awe. Please don’t read the blurb. Open the book and let yourself submerge by this beauty. Because if I read the blurb, I would never pick this up. It’s sad to say but if this book was not in my ARC pile, I would never read it either and I’m so happy that this ARC got in my hands.


From the first sentences, the author puts a spell on you. A spell of how simple his words are but oh so beautiful and witty at the same time. It started out with some real actions, until you realized this is only the introduction to the real story. You follow the journey of Cyril Avery, from beginning to the end. It was such an emotional ride.

“It was a difficult time to be Irish, a difficult time to be twenty-one years of age and a difficult time to be a man who was attracted to other men. To be all three simultaneously required a level of subterfuge and guile that felt contrary to my nature.” 


With this book, the author had left us a few messages. He also gave us very subtle hints at how he thinks authors are portrayed, or how literature and publishing books is a personal art. That I find very interesting.

«Why any of them feel the need to talk about their work or give interview is beyond me. If you didn’t say what you wanted to say in the pages themselves, then surely, you should have done another draft.»

The humour in this novel is BRILLIANT. I have never laughed out loud so many times on my subway ride. I think a lot of people looked at me weirdly too but oh well they will never know TEEHEE

“Do you enjoy being a writer, Mrs Avery?” asked Julian.
“No, of course not, she said. “It’s a hideous profession. Entered into by narcissists who think their pathetic little imaginations will be of interest to people they’ve never met.”

Honeslty, I struggle to do this book justice by reviewing it with so little vocabulary that I possess in my repertoireBut as you can see, the book has allowed to live so many different emotions, sad to anger, to laughter, such a spectrum of feelings that I don’t even know I could have. THAT’S RIGHT THERE MY FRIENDS, is a 5 stars book element.

That’s it for today 😀

A big thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me this copy!! ❤ 

The book is now out and is available everywhere, let me know if you intend to read it 😀


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35 thoughts on “The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

  1. That’s it, you give me no other choice but to make sure I get a copy of this one as soon as possible. I loved his writing in The Boy In The Striped Pajamas and The Hearts Invisible Furies sounds nothing but wonderful.


  2. I’m reading over your page and spamming you up girl!😗 This really caught my attention Trang! What an awesome review! You are so talented at reviews blogger crush!😗🤗 This sounds ahhhhmammzzziiinnggg! This getting addes to the neverending TBR pile for sure because of your awesome review!💚💖💙💛🤗😗💃🙌


    1. OMGADD❤️ You’re the sweetest I swear!! This was my top book of 2017😍 Honestly it was sooo long but EVERYPAGE WAS WORTH IT AND HILARIOUS 😂 Kind of sad this book didn’t make it to Final Rounds for Goodreads choice 😭🔥

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