S.T.A.G.S by M.A Bennett | Blog Tour

OMG IS IT TRANG? Yes I’m back after a whole week hiatus LOL 

After Flame in The mist, I noticed that my opinion might differ a lot from the popular ones. Usually I find something bad when it’s hyped but for the last novel I actually loved while the majority hated it.

Thankfully, STAGS feel like the same thing. It got everything I ever wanted in a novel.

However, I must warn you, there are A LOT of mixed reviews for this one.


Nine students. Three bloodsports. One deadly weekend.

why I like

So as always, I will state why I loved it and just keep in mind you are reading my very subjective opinion about it. It’s my review after all right ? 😉

  • The boarding school setting. Something about schools and academic life always attracts me in novels and anime. The world is so immersive. And this one is no different. We got introduced in the fancy life of them private schools and their teenagers. I love the fact that this school was so secluded from everything else that it survives the evolution of times. Time seems to be still and they are left to create a society on their own. 


  • The villain theme. A lot of people complain about this is not the morbid-gory-thriller they expected, but I believe they’ve missed something that’s by far better than the gore. Because the obvious facts cannot be seen, it would be too boring. The author plays with the hypocrisy and disguise theme to reveal to us a frightening fact:  humans can convince themselves that they are so right by doing evil things. 


  • Constantly adding new twists and that ending was just perfect. If you noticed in my reviews, endings and the mindblowing plot twist fact is a huge deal to me ( I even mentioned it in my rating system). And to be honest, if I didn’t like the rest of the book, the ending alone was worth the reading experience. 


An easy read while keeping me on the edge of my seat on some parts and some pretty exciting chasing scenes to pump up my adrenaline. 

This novel reminds me of Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries meets Downtown Abbey  (there’s no vampire but just the villain character of Katherine 😉 hehe) 

I was lucky to be part of the STAGS Blog Tour 😀

Check out those awesome bloggers for more! 


Thank you to Penguin Teens for giving me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review 🙂 


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57 thoughts on “S.T.A.G.S by M.A Bennett | Blog Tour

  1. Hey, be proud of your different opinions! It’s important to be true to what you truly think. Besides, that uniqueness is part of what makes your blog interesting anyhow. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA ❤ I have to warn you about the cliche teenagers though 😉 But hope you can find enjoyment like I did! The headaches were back a couples of days ago T_T I just have to cope with them. How about you? :O


  2. Welcome back 😀😀! I read a review for this one about a week ago and immediately added it to my to read list as I really liked the concept for this one. Your review only makes me want to read it even more! Looking forward to reading this 😊😊


  3. I so need this one! I was so sad when Netgalley did not open this one to international bloggers 😦 Fantastic review!


  4. I love boarding school stories SO much, I don’t know why but I love it when books have this kind of setting, it’s just so much fun to read 🙂 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed that one, Trang! I’m really intrigued about the whole mystery aspect of this, but I’m not sure it’d be a read for me? I’m glad it’s not too gore somehow, haha 🙂


  5. I’ve heard great things about this one and everyone seems to love the twisted/psychological vibe it gives off? So I’m not sure we’ve read the same reviews xD (maybe they have changed since I first came to know this book)
    I love boarding schools as settings! And I think it worked perfectly here. Katherine Pierce meets Downtown Abbey… Man, that is a winning pair for sure!
    Great review/tour, Trang 🙂 ❤


  6. Ohh I really want to try this one! It sounds so twisty and morally grey (also that cover is kind of freaking awesome) so I’m glad you liked it and it was everything you wanted in a book!! 😀


  7. Welcome back Trang ❤️ and great review for this book as well. 😀
    I read S.T.A.G.S a little while ago (I think it must have been released earlier in the UK) and I really enjoyed it. Even though it wasn’t a blood and gore thriller I loved the twists and the villains and the fact that it felt real in a way, you know? Personally I’m hoping for a sequel one day, especially after that ending! 😀


  8. I’ve heard loads of mixed things about this too tbh, which has made me nervous cos I have this on my tbr- but I’m so glad you liked it!! I love the sound of the setting (I’m a sucker for boarding school narratives) and YES always to villains. I’m glad the plotting was so good too. Great review!!


  9. This is the first time I’ve seen this book around the blogs, but I’ve also been a bit quiet when it comes to blog hopping lately. The plot doesn’t particularly grab me. I don’t like violence and gore. You mention above that perhaps this book does not contain as much gore as the synopsis suggests– is this more of a thriller, then? How would you define the genre of this novel?

    I’m so glad the ending made the book worth it! Those are my favorite books to read, sometimes. They will certainly stick with me the longest.


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