The Power by Naomi Alderman : The Mirror of Our Society

Teenage girls worldwide develop a particular ability : skein. Where they can fire electricity through their muscles and inflict pain to others. Slowly, they start to teach the ability to older women. In the wake of the night, the world completely changed and is ruled by women.



I can’t start talking about the other aspects of this book if I don’t mention the characters. They are the keys to this story. We follow different women’s journeys, from sex-trafficking to a British gang’s hangout to a young Nigerian who will fight for gender revolution. They will each made a huge impact on the narratives and lead us to powerful events.


Naomi’s strength resides in alternating between horror and wit. The horror genre is subjective, for some people it can be It by Stephen King, for me horror is something so terrifying that made you realize we’ve been living in it forever.

This is the real power of this novel. It shows us the mirror of our already existing society. Here, the women suddenly rise to power is a metaphor to the powerful people who already own our society. The ones who rise to power and abuse it. The author is using an alternative image to show us the truth.


The humour plays such an important role in the concept of recondition of sexuality. For example, the women have to watch themselves and control their urges to not electrocute their partners. It’s a funny scene in the novel but when you think about it, it tells a different tone. It’s about the urges that can’t be controlled. What if the sex predators of our society see their urges as a concrete painful thing, like an overdose can electrocute their victims, would they be able to control it or worse… will they abuse it to have whatever they want?


With hints of The Handmaid’s Tale, The Power by Naomi Alderman is a very important novel. Whether people like it or not, I think it’s a novel that will challenge our conceptions of power and control. I will recommend this to everybody and please, (like any other books), try to read between the lines and see the hidden messages the author is trying to convey.



Big thank you to Hachette Canada for giving me a free copy to review! 🙂 

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24 thoughts on “The Power by Naomi Alderman : The Mirror of Our Society

  1. Terrific review! And honestly a very unique concept as well. I like the fact that at when at first glance you might think this is just another book about people with superpowers, but then after reading more about it in your review it takes on a whole different meaning. Cool! Thanks for sharing this one 😊😊

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  2. I have heard some mixed reviews on this one and was a little worried it was too hyped up. But once again you have convinced me, but I think I might take this one out from the library to be sure:) Great review


  3. First of all, congrats on 3000+ followers!! 😀
    Second of all, this sounds like a really interesting, uncomfortable novel that raises important issues for sure. I have yet to read it or The Handmaid’s Tale but I’ll keep both in mind for later.
    Awesome review, Trang!


  4. I swear I dreamt I had his ability, years ago. I was Thor, but kept my body xD (IT WAS AWESOME. BELIEVE ME!)

    But aside from that, I really want to read this. Haven’t been able to buy cause lol no sales when it’s just been released xD one day though!

    Great review, BTW 🙂


    And I’m certainly really really curious about this book- especially after everything you’ve said here- I’m intrigued about the premise and hidden messages in particular. And I do like a good character driven story. Great review!


  6. I just searched reviews of The Power and it’s uncanny how similar our views are – exactly agreed on the mirror analogy. I very recently started my blog and this was my first review!


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