Europe In 5 Days

As promised, here’s a little gallery of my very last-minute Europe trip! I started to pack Thursday night and my flight was leaving on Friday at 9pm hahah.


My first stop was France in Charles-De-Gaules Airport and I didn’t plan this through because I completely forgot that the airport is sooo frkn far from Paris and I had a train to catch for Rennes. I took a taxi and told him to speed real fast (do not do that but this was an emergency) and when he dropped me off to the Central Station I noticed that he didn’t accept credit cards LOL He was so mad because he didn’t tell me either so he just let me go. I grew up in Rennes for two years and the city didn’t change one bit! It’s a very provencial and calm town I love everything about it. I stayed the night at my parents’ friends house. It was a magical moment and reunion, a lot of tears and laughter. 



I stayed in Rome for two nights visiting: The Colosseum (AMAZING EXPERIENCE), The Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and The Vatican City. I was so excited because I’ve always loved learning about The Roman Empire and seeing the art revealing right under my eyes was a moment I’d never forget. 

P.S: The italian pizza has NOTHING TO DO with the American nor the Canadian ones. We’ve been lied to all this time.Their pizzas are a miracle piece with pure genius and soft crust, fresh ingredients and their cheese ❤ ! 





Socrates and Pluto *bow down*

For the last two days of the week, I flew to Athens,Greece. The first things I had todo was: going to The Academy of Athens to see Socrates and Pluto and to see the Parthenon at night. That’s it. There’s nothing else to do in Athens to be honest hahah. 


Straight up, my favourite place of all the trip! The vibe in Mykonos is so special and unique. I love the beaches there but I love the dynamic of the town’s people haha. They are quite particular. I was supposed to go to Santorini.. but I took the wrong ferry and ended up in Turkey LMAO. I panicked for the first minute then, I just went with the flow and visit around haha! I took the ferry back to Mykonos in the evening 😀 


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66 thoughts on “Europe In 5 Days

  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Europe is amazing (I should know I live there lol), but it’s great to see you had such a good time. Also that pizza look way too tasteful 😂😂
    Can definitely understand how it can be a bit scary when you end up in a totally different place than you intended (Turkey), but awesome that you just went with the flow. I’m not sure if I could so easily do that…I would probably keep panicking 😂😂

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    1. Europe is magical! Hahah The architecture is so nice and every country has their own colors 😍 Pizza ftw!! 😀 Ouhh where do you live? If not too indiscreet LMAO.
      It was so scaryy ! 😱 And then I’m just doing my tourist and start taking pictures 📸🙄 Discovered The Temple Of Zeus was there !!😏

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      1. Haha, not indiscreet at all. I live In Holland, little country in the top of Europe.
        You are so right about every country having it’s own colours. I haven’t been to every European country though..still many places I want to visit one day.
        I can totallly imagine it being scary. I would completely freak out I think lol. Seriously though, truly great how you managed to keep it together and not panic 😊


  2. First, like I told Lashaan, I am really liking this new layout format. It is so much more open.

    So the taxi didn’t take cc’s? I wonder how he survives then, or do you think he counts on local people who would know this? That just doesn’t jive though, as he picked you up, so he must be used to international traffic. Oh well.

    I’ve heard about italian pizza too and how it is such a different beast than what we have here in North America. Can you explain what the differences were? Or was it more intangible?

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    1. Thank you so much!! 👏👏 Stayed up until 2AM to get the right layout and design LOL Very happy to see that it’s appreciated 😍 I wanted to make it more easy to read on both laptops and mobile phones.

      I guess he assumed every tourist has enough cash 🤷🏻‍♀️ He never told me he didn’t accept credit cards so we both didn’t know about our situations 😂

      The crust is thin but not like the American ones where it’s rough and dusty. It’s thin but also very soft and fluffy! On top of that, the Italian cheese is mild but still preserves all of it flavours 😍 (as opposed to the huge amount of cheese we have on our pizzas and it’s just fatty). I talked to the owner and he explains to me that the Italian cheesemakers are well-renowned for their creations because they preserve all the traditions. However, while it keeps the traditions, they are also very limited in innovation. That’s where American cheesemakers have an advantage. They have more freedom. As for the tomato sauce,it is so fresh that added with some persil, it really feels like eating handmade pizzas.

      I can talk about food forever 😂😂

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      1. The effort shows and I’ll say it again, I really like it. I’ve never even thought about how my site might look on a cell or tablet. I guess that’s one of the prices you have to pay for having such a good size audience 🙂

        And thanks for explaining about the pizza. I’m a huge cheese fan, so the more cheese, the better in my opinion.
        Now, was the sauce chunky or completely smooth and almost pureed? I’ve always stayed away from really fresh because the few I’ve tried have been chunky and having some “crunch” in my sauce is an unforgivable offense.

        Now, was it you who had a separate food blog, or am I thinking of another book blogger? This is the problem with following as many people as I do (and I know I don’t follow that many compared to a lot of others)

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        1. Thank you!! It’s great to hear the efforts are recognized 😂 Yeah I didn’t notice it at first but more and more people (from what I’ve seen with our traffic) are reading from their cellphones 😱 and it made me think about the user experience and what I can do to improve it 🧐 Thank you again for your feedback!

          Omg yess a cheese fan *high five*! And yes I’m the one who is also a food blogger hahaha I guess that shows whenever I have the chance to talk about food or cheese 😏 The tomato sauce was completely smooth I don’t know how they did that to be honest🤔 I should’ve asked the owner about it too ! But I was more impressed about the cheese part so he went on and on about cheese history 😍 As for the sauce, completely understand your point because all the fresh tomato sauce I’ve had you can see clearly all the pieces 😂

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        1. GIRLL THAT THE TWO COUNTRIES I’VE DREAMED OF GOING 😍😍😍 Could never go because it’s sooo expensive 😂😭 Getting there around 2020 🙄 How long did you stay there ?

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          1. I’m living in Japan right now (for 3 years) but I’m going home soon. 😦 I stayed in Korea for a week. Can’t go to Europe too because it’s expensive for me. 😂
            2020 is perfect for the Olympics! 😀 They’re already starting preparations for it here.

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            1. Woow !! 3 years 😱 Was it for school or work? Hhaha traveling to the other end of the ocean is always expensive huhuh Whyyy 😭

              Omg I forgot about the Olympics !! THAT IS PERFECT🤩🤩🤩

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    1. LOOL lightspeed indeed 😂😂 I was so confused coming back 🙄 Venice was soo pretty😍 But I wouldn’t go alone next time 😂 It’s such a beautiful city but also very ROMANTIC 😅 maybe with friends


  3. Oh it looks like you had an incredible trip Trang, and your photos are amazing as well! I’ve been to Paris, Venice and Rome (you’re right the Italian pizza cannot be beat!) myself but I really want to make it to Greece one day. Here’s hoping! 😀 ❤

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    1. There’s something about Italian pizzas right!? 🧐 Hahah thank you so much Beth !!❤️❤️ How was your vacation ? Greece is beautiful 🤩 Did you intend to go to Mykonos or Santorini?

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    1. LOOl omg what they hated you for that? osh they should be used to it now… they receive so many tourists every year it’s the least they can do is respecting you XD The food is indeed delicious ❤ Did you try any pastry?

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      1. I tried the macarons :3 and we ordered Coffee :3 it was Starbucks but it was the closest one and it was snowing so… We needed shelter xD the macarons where in French store xD

        I panicked when they talked to me and froze so Maybe that is why xD

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          1. It is! if you speak to me slowly I might get the idea… but not understand (Spanish speaker her XD) they were simple, sweet, and Frenchy haha but not that WOWING HAHA


  4. Ahhh it looks like you had an incredible trip, Trang, this makes me so happy – and I LOVE your pictures ❤ I can't wait to get to Rome someday, this city sounds absolutely gorgeous and so rich with history, too ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

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    1. GIRLL 😍😍❤️ It was so awesome! Wish I’d have more time so I can visit you next time 😀 Rome est simplement maginifique! Si tu as la chance de voir cette ville au moins une fois dans ta vie, je te le conseille fortement ❤️❤️ il faut voir le Vatican et les tableaux qui ont façonné la Renaissance 😍

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  5. What a trip! 😂
    That taxi driver tho… i think it was actually nice of him to let you go. Some others might have drove you to an atm and delay you just to get paid.

    I love your pictures!!
    I’m going to Greece as well this year. Not mykonos tho, but i just love it there.

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    1. LOOL he is pretty nice right 😂😂 I still ran to the train so fckn fast in case he changed his mind hehe 🙄 Thank you !❤️ Where will you be staying in Greece ? 😀

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  6. Omg you grew up in Rennes?! A lot of friends of mine are from Rennes and they keep telling me how beautiful the city is! I’ve been wanting to go there for so long!! Concerning Italy, I cannot agree more about the Pizza! It has nothing to do about anything they sell everywhere else in the world! As I’m Italian, my designated role amongst my friend is to decide whether a foreign pizzeria is a good one or not! 😂 Now my only wish is to find true pizza in Montreal, I’m sure we can find one 😛
    I’ve never been to Mykonos, only in Athens but I would love to go there again!

    Love your picture and I really enjoyed reading about your short trip! 😀

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    1. Yess I grew up in Rennes LOL plot twist 🤣 It is a beautiful city if you have the chance to visit 🌸 Jardin Thabor, absolument exquis 🤩 Place Saine-Anne c’est un incontournable 😎
      YOURE ITALIAN?Omg okay you have to come and judge our pizzas HAHA def not the best ones 😂 Can you cook me some good old pastas too?🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

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      1. I’ll definitely visit it one day 😀
        Hahahaha yes!! I’m sure it’s possible to find at least some decent pizzas in Canada too 😂 Concerning the pasta I know how to cook theoretically good pasta, but the practice is much more variable 😂 But I’ll do it with pleasure 😂


    1. HHA I KNOW ! Looks like we were both rushing and no one knew about the cash only policy 🙄 Thank you! ❤️ Happy I can share this very short trip 🤣🤣


  7. It looks like you had an amazing trip! I’m really glad to see that. 😀 I live in Europe and I definitely need to travel around more. Greece is one of those places that I have wanted to visit for years, hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that in the future. Also, all your pictures are so beautiful! ❤


  8. Lovely pictures, I am hoping to see Greece soonish haha. Did you find it expensive, that is my biggest fear. We would like to spend two weeks there.


  9. I’ve been to Italy too (one of the few places in Europe I’ve been). Another thing that’s great about their pizza is that it’s always different depending on where you eat it. A lot of the cheese and sauce they use is home cooked or locally made. But it all has something in common – it’s more of a comfort food than the party food we have here in North America.

    Probably the most memorable place I went to in Italy was Matera. The old part of Matera is made entirely of homes built into caves, some of which have had the same family living there for more than 1000 years. Their veal is especially good too.


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