The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

Easily the most beautiful book I’ve read this year. Yes, it’s a part of the Grishaverse from Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows duology. However, Leigh Bardugo made it possible to read for someone who has never been introduced to this worldbuilding.

“They pray that their children will be brave and clever and strong, that they will tell the true stories instead of the easy ones. They pray for sons with red eyes and daughters with horns.” 


I love reading fairytales since I was a child and even growing up, I like to take out my Grimms Brothers Tales out and read a few every night. There’s a magical feeling in those tales. As if the writing style and the characters are so unique to the genre that you can’t find nothing like it anywhere else. 


Leigh Bardugo never disappoints me. In fact, she is the only YA author who until this day, had never disappoint me and the only one I would gladly recommend to my adult friends. She did it again in Language of Thorns. 6 tales depicting 6 different worlds and each has their own lesson. You will find mermaids, talking fox, monsters and kings, witches and blood. Although this book was in the children’s section, I would put it in the Adult section as well. There are some messages that are way too mature to be put in children’s section. But then again, the original Grimm Brothers Tales are pretty morbid too.

plot twists

If you are a sucker for plot twists and darker turns, this book is for you. I have never been that mind blown by the endings than I was in this book. Especially for two stories. I won’t tell you which ones but I will let you discover it. I’m sorry but with only those 6 tales, Leigh Bardugo put most of the contemporary thrillers out there to shame LOL 

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little update

My own health has been deteriorating, my migraines are back and I’ve been in and out with nausea and throwing up. Thank you to all for your kind words for my mom’s recent diagnosis. I’m still trying to balance both situations and get better.  I’m sorry I couldn’t visit all of your blogs more often! I had to limit my access to laptop screens to post reviews for you guys! I’ll be back soon enough ❤  


17 thoughts on “The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

  1. I have never heard of this author or book before but your review on it has definitely got me interested in it! I will definitely check it out! Great review and keep up the great work on the blog!


  2. This sounds like a great read. I love fairytales myself as well, (which I guess is part of the reason why I like the tv show Once upon a time so much), and this one therefore is totally going on my to read list 😊
    Just one more thing though: there is no need to apologise: not even for one second. I just hope you will be okay and can find a way to deal with both your health and your mum. Please take care, and find all the rest you can. All the best to you 😊


  3. I love Leigh Bardugo and I loved this book as well, it’s probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve brought recently too! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this Trang, and I’m willing to bet one of the stories with a twist that surprised you was The Witch of Duva right? That ending really surprised me! 🙂
    Great review, also I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling too good. I’m sending you all my best wishes. ❤️


  4. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling ill and about your mum! ❤ Lovely blog post, I really want to read this, I adore fairy tales!


  5. I’m a great fan of Leigh Bardugo and I loved all of her books. I’m glad you loved this book! It was a wonderful read. I was quite excited when the young darkling made a cameo appearance.
    Fantastic review, I hope you get well soon! 🙂


  6. ‘If you are a sucker for plot twists and darker turns, this book is for you.’ –> Oh, that’s me!! Thanks for this review – I would have never picked this book up. I didn’t even know that it was a short story collection!


  7. *hugs*

    I had this book on my shelf for almost 6 months before i realised it had illustrations… i didn’t really know what it was about i just got it cuz i saw people raving about the author. Seems i made a good choice 😀


  8. I absolutely love this book. I especially love how the illustrations work in conjunction with the story. I feel like it heightened the atmosphere of each tale. Did you have a favourite tale?
    I’m sorry that you’ve not been feeling well recently. Take care of yourself. Sending you all of my well wishes. ❤


  9. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well 😦 take some rest and time for yourself 😊❤️

    I loved your review, this book sounds like a cofortable read and it looks very cute! 😍 I find it very refreshing to read tales from time to time 😊


  10. The Language of Thorns is pure perfection! ❤ Loved reading your review for it. Makes me want to read through it again. The stories in it are all so good and the artwork is just stunning.
    I hope things take a turn for the better for you soon. 🙂


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