The Hate U Give Movie Review : Must See

There’s no denying it. Young Adult or not, everyone must see this movie.

On September 27, I had the chance to assist to the Advance Screening of The Hate U Give and OH MY GOD it was amazing. Thank you Harper Collins Canada for the opportunity ❤ I read the book and wrote a review here for those interested in reading the before seeing the movie ;).

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Starr witnessed her friend Khalil died in the space of a few seconds after being pulled over by a police car. He shot him because he thought Khalil was reaching for a gun when he was only reaching for his hairbrush. The rest of the movie is the journey of Starr finding her purpose in this situation, does she want to express the injustice and goes to the court talked about it in front of the television? As a teenager, can she do something for herself, for the community?

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I’m impressed with the production because they approached this movie with maturity and does not convey that YA feeling like those CW tv shows. It’s about police brutality and racism, two themes  that are relevant for a few months now and even a few years. THE CASTING WAS AMAZING.

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The book was an eye-opener for me but the movie was something else. I cried so much You see a happy scene and THEN BOUM my tears are coming out of the blue, it’s so random and unpredictable. You thought that after the scene where Khalil got shot the emotions would calm down. BUT NO. It doesn’t stop there. What unfolds in the rest of the movie, is as intense and weighted. The biggest achievement of the movie is the power to enhance all of my emotions: from anger to sadness, happiness and excitement and unity. I felt it all in those 2 hours. 

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This movie was made to make us reflect about white privilege and the power of race in this world of brutality. The fact that some children have to go through it every day and to know that once you stepped out of that house, you are at risk of getting shot by the police breaks my heart. In that case, what do we trust? Police are supposed to our sense of security. When the security failed, what’s next? Rely on ourselves and shut the fuck up? Of course I can’t speak for the African – American community, but I can witness the racism towards Asian and I must say that some prejudices are way too far off and we must always remind kind and compassionate to one another.


29 thoughts on “The Hate U Give Movie Review : Must See

  1. I am so happy for you that you are such a great blogger that you get this amazing opportunities of going to advance screenings! I have wanted to read the book for its social power and the impact it can have in people. I belive that All The American Boys deals with topics alike on the ones on this book/movie. Thank you very much for confirming that this book/movie is worth readers and watching!

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    1. Thank you so much Satou !! 😀 I’m in no way greater blogger than you are XD Youre so sweet!! Definitelly recommending watching the movie and even read the book! ❤ I haven't heard about All The American Boys :O What is it?

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      1. You are a great blogger! And I will take your compliment! Haha it is about police violence and law biased 🙂 narrated and written from both perspectives the “white” and the “back” one 😮


  2. Ahhh it’s amazing that you got to see an advance screening of this movie! I’m so happy you enjoyed it so much – I’m a bit nervous to watch it, but I also know it will be great and it is such an important movie and story to be told ❤ Thank you for sharing! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Marie 😀 !! Indeed, it’s such an important movie and I hope everybody will get the chance to see this movie 🙂 Let me know how you find it, and do you intend to read the book too ? :O If you didn’t I think you can watch the movie anyways. There are some twists in the movie that the book didn’t have.

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  3. Oh it’s great you got to see this film early Trang, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it as well. The Hate U Give is a favourite read of mine so I can’t wait to see the film, if anything based on your review it sounds like it’s even better, and definitely stays true to the overall story Angie Thomas wrote.
    Great review, I really can’t wait to see this after reading it. 🙂 ❤

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    1. OMG!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT BETH ❤ !! 😀 If it's a favourite of yours you may cry as much as I did LOL they have some twists and turns compared to the book but overall, yes it's pretty much the same and even better 🙂

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      1. I tend to cry more over films than books so I feel like it’s a safe bet I’ll cry over this one. 🙂 It sounds amazing, and that’s good to hear. It sucks when films don’t live up to the books, especially when the books are amazing. 😀 ❤


  4. Nice review. I read the book and your review made me curious about how the film manages to portray the powerful message the book delivers. I’ll definitely watch it when it comes out on dvd. Can you help me out with a follow on my blog? I’m trying to make my blog more known in the blogosphere and for this I need any help I can get. Thanks 🙂


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