Circe by Madeline Miller

 5/5- Food of the Gods, I might call this book.

Imagine yourself obsessing over Greek Mythology for more than 10 years and finding this book at the right moment, at the right time of your life. Have you got these moments that you are feeling nostalgia and want to rekindle with your old passions? That’s what it feels like while reading this book.

But more like Nostalgia blending with Novelty.

The premise of this novel is very simple and self-explanatory : the life of Circe through the author’s eyes. OK TRANG.. anyone can just rewrite the Greeks Mythology right? What would make this book any different?needmorebooks

WELL. I wish people would write more books about Greek Mythology to be honest. But what makes this book unique is that it’s been adapted for contemporary readers. It’s fast-paced, loaded with actions and more importantly written in a beautiful but humorous way. The plot is well built and the author has found a beautiful way to link all the popular Greek Mythology tales together while making Circe, the main character, grown maturely.

She was the witch of Aiaia and probably one of the strongest, bravest, most human goddess out there. She was immortal but as she learns by herself the betrayals of the Gods and the vulnerabilities of the mortals, Madeline Miller has given this Goddess of Sorcellery a fierce, dashing and valiant backstory.

I looked down at my hands and tried to imagine them weaving a spell to shake the world.

– Circe, Madeline Miller


Besides all of those reasons, the main strength of the novel lie in the choice of the characters portrayals. We get to witness all the main stories from The Greek Mythology through the eyes of the not your typical heroes” squad like : Circe, Prometheus, Daedalus, Hermes, etc. We all hear about Achilles and Hercules but there are a lot of characters that we as consumers and the media have chosen not to dwell on them. It’s about time that someone gives those side characters a voice.


Big thank you to Hachette Canada for the copy ! 


50 thoughts on “Circe by Madeline Miller

      1. Hahah Norse Mythology was special indeed it is short and sweet 😀 This one feels more like a long storyline focusing on one character while linking other stories too! I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

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      1. I think when she was actually away from her family and started to really grow as a person and the part where she realises that while she loves her child, there are parts of motherhood that she isn’t completely fond of. It really showed how Circe changed and how much of it was truly her at that point.

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        1. Definitely. It’s so inspiring to see how much she grown by being excluded. I totally agree when her child came and she wants to do whatever she could to protect it. The first signs of real love she ever experienced 😍

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  1. I always love nostalgia, and honestly I love to sometimes pick up some things from my past that I loved and really want to rekindle.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this one: I’m a history buff and Greek Mythology was one of the things I really loved in history class. Most of those stories just never get old. Terrific review as always 😊

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    1. OMG MICHEELL. If you love Greek Mythology in your history classes, this would def rekindle your interest for it 🙂 I was absolutely over the moon when reading about Hermes, Helios and The Titans. Let me know when you got the chance to get to it (after all the stacks you have already AHA)

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  2. OK this is the proverbial “last nail” Trang! I’ve seen this book hyped and recommended but now OK I will add it to my TBR and wish list and …. 😉

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  3. Great review for this book Trang, and I’m glad you enjoyed Circe as well. I read this a little while back and thought it was incredible. I really loved how all the myths were linked, I never knew much about Circe before but reading this it was so interesting seeing how she connects to so many other figures from Greek mythology and so many other stories too. 🙂
    Again great review. 😀 ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Beth ❤️❤️!! Yes like you said I think she did a marvelous job in linking all the myths together with a strong storyline and foundation. Did you read her other novel Song of Achilles as well? 📖☺️

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  4. Wonderful review, Trang! I particularly love that photo of you and the book. BEAUTIFUL! What really caught my attention in this review is how you mentioned how fast-paced Circe is. I am always hesitant to pick up mythology retellings because they can be slow. I’ve read many reviews of Circe and you’re the first reviewer to mention the pacing! Now I will definitely put this on my TBR.

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    1. JACKIE ❤️❤️ Thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun taking those pictures hahah 🙂 I was on my way to my birthday brunch. I know right how retellings can be slow 😭 I’m all about that fast pace LOL. There’s always something happening in Circe. It’s one of those books you look back and you realize how many things happen at the same time from the way Circe was born to her thousands of years in life and never I felt bored. 😍😍

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  5. This is such a sweet, well written review! I too really enjoyed this one, and love how this Greek mythological character’s story was adapted into a contemporary format! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, beautiful! ❤

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